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    Throwback phone review: CD-R King Yukon Android Fastphone FPH-002-ATC(A1)

    I was browsing some phone reviews and I had a glimpse on this technology review site. This review was exactly a decade ago! Time flies so fast with this CDR-King Android phone. With more affordable androids getting better specs these days why not take a look at this 10 year old review of this...
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    Help Converge - CDR King Router issue

    Hello mga boss, meron kaming Converge ISP kami sa bahay. 100mbps naman so goods pag sa baba (WiFi and Ethernet). Naka extender naman kami sa taas namin with a CDR King router (WR-NET-027-Z1); connected via LAN. Bale dalawa na ang network sa bahay, depende sa kung saan ka nakapwesto. Kaso ang...
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    Cdr king rtx 3080
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    Help May CD - R KING PA BA?

    San po ba sa metro manila may CD- R king may need kasi akong bilhin dun..... Nagsara na kasi yung ibang branch malapit sa amin... Within Pasig City lang po sana Tanong ko na din kung may nakakaalam bakit nag sasara na sila? Salamat sa makakapansin
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    Closed Cdrking ethernet cable

    matibay din ba ethernet cable ng cdrking guys ? balak ko kasi bumili ng 30meters na ethernet cable. thank you...
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    Closed Cdr-king pci+ide sata card drivers

    Guys sino na po dito na try bumili sa CDR-King ng PCI+IDE SATA Card Product Code: PCI-006-GHI (P401) Kung meron po pwede po humngi ako ng drivers mula sa inyo. Kasi yung kasamang CD sa nabili ko may gasgas ata ayaw basahin ng DVD Drive ng desktop ko. Ayaw ko na po bumalik sa store nila kasi...
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    CD-R KING`S DIGITAL INK PAD ITR-SP410 What I liked ATTRACTIVE AND THIN DESIGN REASONABLE PRICE PRECISE PEN DURABILITY I`m a college student and was really skeptical with buying this product normally I don't pay so much for something, but I`m really tired carrying so much notebooks around...

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