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The CDC STAR-100 is a vector supercomputer that was designed, manufactured, and marketed by Control Data Corporation (CDC). It was one of the first machines to use a vector processor to improve performance on appropriate scientific applications. It was also the first supercomputer to use integrated circuits and the first to be equipped with one million words of computer memory.STAR is a blend of STrings (of binary digits) and ARrays. The 100 alludes to the nominal peak processing speed of 100 million floating point operations per second (MFLOPS); the earlier CDC 7600 provided peak performance of 36 MFLOPS but more typically ran at around 10 MFLOPS.
The design was part of a bid made to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in the mid-1960s. Livermore was looking for a partner who would build a much faster machine on their own budget and then lease the resulting design to the lab. It was announced publicly in the early 1970s, and on 17 August 1971, CDC announced that General Motors had placed the first commercial order for it.
A number of basic design features of the machine meant that its real-world performance was much lower than expected when first used commercially in 1974, and was one of the primary reasons CDC was pushed from its former dominance in the supercomputer market when the Cray-1 was announced in 1975. Only three STAR-100 systems were delivered, two to Livermore Laboratory and another to NASA Langley Research Center.

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    Closed Penge po ng mac kahit isa lang.. or trade sa mga CDC ko..

    Penge po mac kahit isa or trade sa cdc macs ko..
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    Baka po pwede makahingi ng cdc mac for bm622i(2011) laguna area po,salamat po mga kaPHC :)
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    Closed 8mbps is back

    Hi all.. dahil connected na ako ulit and safe ako naka uwi sa house.. Kung CDC or wala kang mac? para sayu ang mac nato 12 available mac / just comment no PM 2 vip mac delete 6 OD mac delete 4 new series delete Note: ang bibigyan kulang yung nag PM sa akin ng mac nong time na walang...
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    CDC OD MAC - wag iquote

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    Mac cdc

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    Mga master baka po may magandang loob na magbibigay ng kahit isang live mac po pang base mac lang po mga boss. Pls po. Matagal tagal narin po walang ma snipe... pa pm naman po pls po salamat po in advance
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    Closed CDC Mac Sharing

    Mga Sir t Mam pashare naman po ng mga CDC mac nyo para matry po ng iba TIA(y)
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    Cdc mac address (delete after 5miutes)