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    G·TM GTM No Load BetaTest UDPv6 Fast Connect Need IP Hunt OVPN with AUTO RECON

    UDPv6 test config for gtm no load OVPN need IP hunt, pa-feedback if connected ka na. Hidden content
  2. L

    Closed Ml10 beta test

    NOTE:Beta Test po...hindi kasi ako naka ML10 Promo,Need ko po Feedback NEED KO PO FEEDBACK^_^
  3. L

    Closed Best test po fb10 to 4545 pasok

    WELCOME TO MY THREAD Magandang Hapon Ka PHC Eto na ilalabas kona Beta Test pa lang FB10 ng TNT Download Link Wala sanang hit and run need ko feedback niyo Follow me PHC-Leonard for more updates
  4. B

    Closed (beta test ). . . . . . . ✴smart no load✴/.. ✒✒visayas and mindanao✒✒ use smartbro or kickstart sim

    Nag try lang ako baka if ever na gumana edi OK hahaha! Please give me some feedback po if working or not, sa mga taga VisMin jan!! Link: Follow me Beatriz9
  5. J

    Closed Singapore 3days only pak na pak sa bilis (update)

    ♨BETA v1 (STABLE) Singapore Server ⏰March 15 2017 (Expiration) Early Access Established Muna For leechers ✔Fast Connect (Status 200 CE) ✔Downloading ✔Online Gaming ✔Browsing dev-MrYuu Simple thanks lang mga pipz. Speed...
  6. B

    Closed Looking for OT350,936,s22 Users

    Looking po ako nang mga OT350/b593-936/b593s-22 users pm nalang po for experiment purpose po ibat ibang area sana If may interested po magreply lang sa thread na ito at ippm ko kayo.. :D #Beta testers

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