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Android App You need root here is a new way to root online

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Jan 11, 2012
hi guys and ladies phcians fellow men and women share ko lang ito sa gusto mag root ng android device nila na no need to flash... you need srsroot beta software na install nyo sa laptop pc and dont forget need nyo na internet connection,why? dahil online root po ang process nito ito po ay beta so its free.
bale po share ko dito well actually i test it to my cloudfone kaso failed dahil wala pong file na rootshell ung akin parang pirated po kaya di ma root may mga proof po at test nila what branded android devices na ang na root nila gamit ang online root.

bale di po ako ang discoverer nito its credited to ssa
the said srsroot is launched last january 28,2013

Phones Rooted by SRSRoot: 4534 (Success Rate: 55.2%)​

About SRSRoot
SRS-Root is an easy to use solution for rooting your android device, the software contains multiple exploits to gain root access on your device.

SRSRoot Supports Android versions 1.5, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.1, 3.2, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2
We can Root latest models like Samsung Galaxy S2 / S3, Note / Note2 etc
We have an Option to remove root from your device by one-click.
Powered by SRS Server *Safe Rooting without flashing your device*

Why Root
Let’s start with why you would want to root your Android smartphone. Sometimes apps require special permission that the Android OS, which is based on Linux doesn’t allow. These could be simple as taking a screenshot to higher level permissions to the core Android files. Rooting makes your phone faster, increases battery life, allows it to run more apps, custom software and ROMs which allow complete control over every aspect of your device by allowing superuser and admin level permission. Removing carrier bloatware is a particularly enticing application.

However, rooting isn’t for everyone. If you don’t know what a command prompt is or you have trouble handling .zip files, please don’t root. The risk of bricking your expensive device to get speed gains and improvements only Android enthusiasts can appreciate is not worth it. Lastly, rooting can void your phone’s warranty so please make sure you follow instructions to the letter. Also, back up your data before you root android!

This software contains multiple exploits and support a lot of android phones and other Android Devices for Root / TempRoot/ and UnRoot

Please also post your results here, so we can improve the software

do not make any hotlinks to the software, as it's updated on regular base
and old links will not work if a net version is released.

Version 3.2 is online for testing (now more than 1000 phones rooted with SRSRoot betas)

Whats new:
• Added 2 additional methods for LG Rooting
• Fixed bug in offset readout
• Added FastRoot method for mempodroid exploit (2b)
• Some small changes and improvements
• Fixed SuccessRate counter on website

Download latest version from You do not have permission to view the full content of this post. Log in or register now.

sa dl link direct po yan sa site nila mismo about other detail ng mg na root na android as a proof nandoon po sa kanila ito po ay software sa pc laptop para iroot nyo ang android nyo ung UI nya i compare it to dc unlocker.
Some Logs
---= SRS One-Click-Root =---
21:04:38 - Starting ADB Server..
21:04:41 - Manufacturer: samsung
21:04:41 - Model: GT-I9000
21:04:42 - Android Version: 2.2
21:04:42 - Build ID: FROYO
21:04:42 - Board ID: GT-I9000
21:04:42 - Chipset Platform: s5pc110
	----= Start Rooting Process.. Please Wait =----
21:04:43 [+] Testing exploit: root1 (Please wait some minutes)
21:04:48 [+] root1 Exploit Succesful, Restarting ADB Service...
21:04:52 [+] Remounting /system Filesystem as R/W..
21:04:53 [+] Installing Busybox to device (temporary)..
21:04:57 [+] Removing old SuperUser stuff..
21:04:57 [+] Installing SU Binary...
21:04:58 [+] Installing SuperUser APK...
21:05:00 [+] Remounting /system Filesystem as R/O..
21:05:00 [+] Rooting Complete !
---= SRS One-Click-Root =---
21:24:24 - Starting ADB Server..
21:24:27 - Manufacturer: samsung
21:24:28 - Model: GT-I9300
21:24:28 - Android Version: 4.1.2
21:24:28 - Build ID: JZO54K.I9300XXELL4
21:24:28 - Board ID: smdk4x12
21:24:28 - Chipset Platform: exynos4
	----= Start Rooting Process.. Please Wait =----
21:24:29 [+] Testing exploit: root3 (Please wait some minutes)
21:24:33 [+] Remounting /system Filesystem as R/W..
21:24:34 [+] Removing old SuperUser stuff...
21:24:34 [+] Installing SU Binary...
21:24:35 [+] Installing SuperUser APK...
21:24:35 [+] Remounting /system Filesystem as R/O..
21:24:36 [+] Rooting Complete !
---= SRS One-Click-Root =---
23:07:45 - Starting ADB Server..
23:07:48 - Manufacturer: TCT
23:07:48 - Model: Vodafone Smart II
23:07:48 - Android Version: 2.3.7
23:07:48 - Build ID: GINGERBREAD
23:07:48 - Board ID: acar
23:07:49 - Chipset Platform: bcm21553
	----= Start Rooting Process.. Please Wait =----
23:10:29 [+] BCM-Root in progress, Loading data to SD-Card
23:10:30 [+] Restarting Phone in Recovery mode.
23:12:46 [+] Rooting Complete !
---= SRS One-Click-Root =---
20:05:03 - Starting ADB Server..
20:05:07 - Manufacturer: samsung
20:05:07 - Model: ISW11SC
20:05:07 - Android Version: 4.0.4
20:05:08 - Build ID: IMM76D.KDLPL
20:05:08 - Board ID: ISW11SC
20:05:08 - Chipset Platform: exynos4
	----= Start Rooting Process.. Please Wait =----
20:05:08 [+] Testing exploit: root3 (Please wait some minutes)
20:05:14 [+] Remounting /system Filesystem as R/W..
20:05:14 [+] Removing old SuperUser stuff...
20:05:15 [+] Installing SU Binary...
20:05:15 [+] Installing SuperUser APK...
20:05:16 [+] Remounting /system Filesystem as R/O..
20:05:19 [+] Rooting Complete !
sa log yan po paano po ang format ng pag root ng android nyo. share nyo din kung ano ang log ng pag root nyo at iup po natin ito para sa like lang po mag root


Eternal Poster
sana maging sticky din ito at kung gusto nyo makita ung tested nila

ito po ang site nila link


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enjoy rooting pa like na lang po mga kapwa ko phcians at mod hope tama po ang napostan ko(y) ito po ang pinaka easy way to root and pag na install nyo na ang software mayroon po na tut txt kung paano kayo mag start..


Eternal Poster
wala po effect pag di successful ang root one more din sa mag roroot nasunod nyo ba instruction sa pagroot dahil di lang sa tut basehan yan dapat you also do a research. sa part ng system ng android mo bakit sa iba gumawa ng blog na gamit srsroot naka root. kung ayaw maroot wag na ipilit kasi talagang mahihirapan lang. sa gusto magroot at positive thinker na di sya susuko go.


Eternal Poster
sa cloudfone do a research kung di working sa inyo ung thread ko na cloudfone excite 320e ay inabot din ako matagal by months bago ko na root. pero ung cloudfone ice 350e 1 day rooted ko na. ang pag root pag di pinag aralan at inintindi wala mangyayari. un lang kaya kung hirap sa pag root hanap sa web madaming choices over the web not only srsroot. try din mag experiment but be aware it may void your warranty di mo na sya pwede ipaayos sa binilhan nyan you are on your own.
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