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First. What is Sality Virus?

As with many other malware, Sality disables antivirus software and prevents access to certain antivirus and security websites. Sality can also prevent booting into Safe Mode and may delete security-related files found on infected systems. To spread via the autorun component, Sality generally drops a .cmd, .pif, and .exe to the root of discoverable drives, along with an autorun.inf file which contains instructions to load the dropped file(s) when the drive is accessed. The Sality virus joins infected machines to its own P2P network. Updates to the malware are fed via decentralized lists of HTTP URLs.

Second. How sality Works?
First, the virus infects executable files. The next step it takes is to delete your anti-virus software and firewalls so you won't get the chance to use the software to wipe out the threat. Then, the malicious software downloads other malware from sites online. Finally, the Sality virus s†éáls your information and allows a häçker to control your system.

While this is more than enough reason to remove the Sality virus, the threat of the virus moving on to other computers in your home or office network is an even greater reason to remove the Sality virus as quickly as possible.

Third. What Won't Remove the Sality Virus?
Traditional removal methods won't work with this type of hybrid. It is engineered with the distinct purpose of being unmovable by the first removal methods that pop into your mind.

Since the malicious software takes out your anti-virus software in one strategic swoop, removing the Sality virus becomes more complicated. Usually, when a virus disables a computer, the user can remove the threat by removing the virus files manually from the computer. Unfortunately, this virus randomly names its files, so there's no way to tell which files are the bad ones on your computer to remove the Sality virus.

If you tried some of the methods used on other tech sites, you'll eventually end up frustrated because the files they tell you to delete won't be the same malicious files on your computer. Besides, the process of removing malicious files from your computer is a tedious and dangerous one. A slip in the process could ruin your computer.

Saan ba nakukuha ang Sality Virus?
Kalimitan yan nakukuha sa mga untrusted sites katulad ng Xrated sites and downloading files from untrusted sites (häçksites: piratebay etc.) kaya yung mga mahihilig dyan iwas-iwas na https://www.phc.onl/#forbidden#.com/images/smilies/biggrin.png

Sa madaling salita ang Sality Virus katulad ng nasabi ay MAHIRAP tanggalin hindi katulad ng common virus katulad ngTrojan, ang trojan kaya yan idetect at idelete ng kahit na anung uri ng anti-virus pero ang Sality oo nadedetect pero hindi kayang tanggalin ng ganun kasimple ng anti virus.

Removing the Sality Virus
Since traditional routes won't work with removing the Sality virus, you'll need to download software specifically used to find and target it. This tool is aptly called the Sality Removal Tool or Sality Killer and can be downloaded from many trustworthy sites on the web.

Sality isn't a common virus. It's a hybrid that can't be removed with normal methods. While removing the Sality virus isn't easy, just like any other computer threat, it can be squashed. Once the malicious software is removed, your computer will be back to its old self again.

maging aware kayo sa virus na to lalo na at target nyan ang executable files (.exe) katulad ng SF kaya once na madaanan netong virus na to ang .exe siguradong corrupted na ang .exe files ninyo.

Recommend tools for removing Sality Virus:

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Ingat guys, kaya dapat talaga may back up ng mga importanteng files, in the cloud, external hdd, USB, etc..
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moonji0717 , sa tingin ko pwede naman clean install mo yung OS ng laptop mo. yun nga lang mawawala din lahat ng files
ok na boss ginamit ko ung soft2, medyo matagal lang kasi na scan pati yung windows old hehehehe nawala na si sality. salamats

mabuti hindi na damay hdd ko, dalawa kasi gamit ko, sdd and hdd hehehehe
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