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Thoughts sa neuralink ni elon musk


So nag surface na yung video in which the first human tested with neuralink is using it to play chess without a mouse. And he is able to move the cursor with his thought.

Isa ito sa pinaka malaking breakthrough sa world of technology as it emphasize the great potential of this technology to help many persons with disabilities.
This includes the following it can be used:
Allow people to talk
allow people to walk or control artificial limbs more effectively
allow them to see
allow them to hear

But it is still one scary tech. Though right now hindi siya masyadong sensational compared to other techs like Ai and chips which are what most powerful government are fighting over.
but considering the future this is one of the tech that sure will stay in the future, Particularly in the military and healthcare


i mean yes, thats a good argument on bakit nakakatakot siya. but if you got nothing to lose why not
madmaing risk yan paps di yan nothing to lose all or nothing yan

alarming talaga paps. buti pa yung sayo free energy tapos iba nakinabang ng discovery mo. hahaha
mismo sabe nga saken na pareng openhiemier gawa kami nuec pero nagmula sa utot

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