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Trivia The Woke Generation


Oct 19, 2020
Going back to the days, before social media, people already have beliefs towards certain issues. However these beliefs were always subject to change.

Young people, rebellious in nature, would almost always have LEFT WING values. With their naive sense of the world, they deem the world to be unjust, unfair, oppressive and unreasonable. This is good, because from these ideas, we gained the necessity to have a fair society, towards race, gender, religion, social class, etc. But this will never be enough for a young mind. They have a deep interest in overturning everything. As the song of Bamboo: "Habang may tatsulok, at sila ang nasa tuktok, di matatapos itong gulo"

As people mature, they start getting caught up with living. They start being independent. They start to realize the reasons behind policies, rules and systems that make them "oppressive".
They start to realize that they have overrated a few things at their youth. They start to realize that their ideal EUTOPIA (perfect place) does not exist. As in EUTOPIA, if translated, actually meant "no place". Despite this, they gain skills and knowledge to go up the social ladder. They start getting RIGHT WING values.

Then comes social media. That addictive drug of getting likes from people who agree. This gets them stuck in whay we shall call "echo chambers". Take what you want, ignore what you don't. One can argue that social media never claimed to be a news source, or an educational platform, but it is undeniable that it pushed people to their partisan divide. People start being toxic, and stopped from learning from one another. They become "experts" in proving they point, regardless of how corrupted their arguments are, sprouting from their wrong axioms and fallacy packed ideas.

As a result, mainstream media was losing its watchers, they were not a news source anymore. To combat this, they have to be involved to the biased, partisan conversations. Nas of Nas daily once told Wil Dasovich, that if a news channel does not discuss divisive topics, the news channel is now "..a dormant news channel". Just like Nas, who has a wide viewership, believes that dividing countries with ideas is necessary to not be dormant.

Alas, here we are. This is the generation we have to deal with. Whether you like it or not, divisiveness going to stay.

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