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The east against cleveland 4 0 cleanly eliminating pistons first to qualify

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Feb 21, 2013
The Clippers want to win a game easily,You do not have permission to view the full content of this post. Log in or register now. , in order to win a playoff series, you must use these extraordinary measures, destruction of the lake into the internal and external integration Feng Ye do not want to lose, at least not easily lose his first playoffs, he wants to take advantage of all factors to beat Lake into this series not only fighting courage, but also wits
Chapter 191 of the first round of the playoffs, the only suspense]
& Nbcom \. First. Sent} something the other series are being conducted, unlike the Lakers vs Clippers less intense [8] [0] (0) <small> (say) {network}
Rocket 3 to 1 lead Mavericks
The Finals defeat in 2006, the Mavericks character seems to have run out of the fourth game, the last minute to rely on Terry's two CIC, Mavericks 107 to 105 win over a home was saved face, has not been swept out
In order to ensure the attack force, conventional after the game half rocket to Brooks, "Alston Alston substitute Alstom expressed dissatisfaction, but the Rockets did attack force, he shot too iron veteran Jason. Kidd is very difficult when defensive Brooks, the veteran not afraid of anything else, afraid degrees fast Battier as a shooting guard Josh Howard defensive success Dampier Yao played Diukuixiejia, shame small forward position, Artest hit Singleton suspense in addition to the 4-bit Scola against Nowitzki disadvantage rocket fully dominant
Bench, the rocket also sat Alstom, You do not have permission to view the full content of this post. Log in or register now. ,Weaver, Hyde, Barry, Landry, Nenad Krstic group off the bench, play can guarantee the ATK rocket gave up Van Gundy during the defensive and offensive play better, Yao Ming is not only in the low singles, often pulled high to Brooks to do the cover, increase the perimeter breakthrough, and Scola singles the opportunity
Not much surprise, the Rockets certainly break through the first round of the spell to the next round McGrady Houston fans as a broom star, after his absence the team but powerful
Nuggets 3 leading pioneers of the third game Brandon Roy scored 42 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists, and keep a home with a sharp break both the fifth game in Denver, home, dig Kim Anthony and Billups act in harmony, break through the first round in sight
Jazz 3 1 leading Spurs away 103 90 victory over the Spurs match point, the fifth game on the 29th will remain in San Antonio Boozer scored 28 points and 11 rebounds, Deron Williams had 21 points and 7 Basket 8 assists, Mehmet Okur had 12 points and 11 rebounds, Tony Parker, the Spurs got 40 points, 5 rebounds, 4 steals and 4 assists, and Tim Duncan had 25 points, 10 rebounds and seven assists, the Spurs again no players score in double
The Spurs lose expected,You do not have permission to view the full content of this post. Log in or register now., Ginobili and veteran Kurt Thomas are injured, Spurs center is only two-thirds vote of Bonner, outside is retiring veteran Bowen and Finley rely on two people play there is no way to win
The east against Cleveland 4 0 cleanly eliminating Pistons first to qualify for the the Allen Iverson playoffs playing time zero, if he played, maybe piston can spell Pistons selected exercise
Celtics and Bulls hit into 3 1 Rose's Bulls can still rely on the combination lol Deng and Ben Gordon deal and the defending champion, won the game absent since Kevin Garnett injured his right knee the playoffs
His injuries indisputably came in the first season injuries rankings because he missed the 2009 nba playoffs the overall situation on this rewriting all fairness, Garnett has been the peak of career significant degradation, physical fitness has emerged, but that does not mean that the role of Kevin Garnett on the court less Celtics team system, Garnett important aspect, especially on the defensive end, Garnett almost single-handedly build acts as lvshanjun rock-solid defense system
Garnett sidelined, You do not have permission to view the full content of this post. Log in or register now. ,the Celtics power forward position can only be served by the "Big Baby" Davis and Scalabrini players, two players have their own characteristics in the offensive end, but on the defensive can play the role and Garnett really Panruoyunni, and the main center in Boston, Perkins has a good low defensive ability, but also anti-poor pick and roll
They also into the second round, but would have the most chance to win the team early death
Magic 3 1 leading the Philadelphia 76ers, the two sides is not a small difference in strength between 76 and lost a large amount of money brought in Bland, this round of the series from the outset, no suspense
Intense play five Wizards and Heat, the two are Kuanggong team, every game the last three seconds to play high score Wizards Arenas dropped into the quasi-lore, victory over the fourth game to win the race point
Advantage of the Wizards center Chris Kaman and small forward Caron Butler Star weekend,You do not have permission to view the full content of this post. Log in or register now. the Heat and the Raptors reached a sum of four people trading agreement, the Raptors will center Jermaine O'Neal, forward Jamario Moon sent the Heat to phalanx forward Shawn Marion and guard Banks for the Heat, giving up Marion, for future consideration of the team, the Heat did not intend to, and the contract is about to expire Marion re-signing, hope in 2010 In the summer to free up enough salary space, in order to leave Wade premise, the quest for LeBron? Good players like James, Kobe, and Bosh, Jermaine O'Neal seven years the total value of $ 120 million, huge contract just expired in 2010, and drive away Banks also allow the Heat in 2010, freeing $ 4.8 million of cap space
But not the Marion, Heat's defense he sent many Butler break layup, a jumper to do whatever they want Kaman in the paint also obvious advantages the Jermaine O'Neal morning no longer have the courage, the remaining value of the transaction, the strength is not as Haslem Haslem height, anti Kaman very strenuous Heat want to get into the second round of hope is very slim
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