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Sotw: signature of the week contest

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PHC Moderator
Staff member
Dec 23, 2012
SOTW stands for Signature of the Week Contest and it is all about Graphics.
Our Theme for this EVENT is ANIME
Ok lets Start and here are some of the rules of this Contest:
Animation: Optional
Style: Open​

1. 600x150 px dapat ang dimension.
2. Siggy must not exceed to 150kb *filesize*.
3.MUST provide all Stocks, render , effects etc of your Artwork
*also the .psd file, or the file you've save*
4. Contests may use any kind of Editing Softwares.
5. Contestant Have only 3 times to Edit there work w/ reasons, You may change your entry anytime before the deadline.
6. Offtopic Comments or Post will be given an infraction points *if you will get 5 infraction points you will be disqualified*.
7. You may also report any contestants for those who
breaking the rules. as the result of that you will be given +5 points.
8. minimum 30 post counts to vote.
9.Must Provide your username & the name of the event to your Artwork.
10. No ****ography or discriminatory features in any way!!!!
11. No Pre-Made Sigs/Tags
12. Must be your own work.

Deadline is Sunday, January 20th , at 12:00 PM, thread will then be closed and a NEW SOTW will open! Please enter your signatures time accordingly. Thank you!

Please make sure you understand the theme & guidelines, as laid out in this post.
*The winner will automatically be promoted as one of the GFX-Staff.
*Deadline will be January 20,2013
NOTE: This is NOT a Chatbox or Discussion Thread. Only the Contestants Artwork is Allowed to avoid FLOODING.
We allow that Anyone Could joined this Event and We Hope You Cooperate and Make This Event Successful.
If You you Suggestions & Feedback just go to my Discussion Thread
Dont forget to follow all the rules (y) para di kau ma Disqualify (DQ) at Magka.Infraction.
Good luck to everyone!​


Honorary Poster
SOTW #1​
pasensya na po sa abala sir dodoy at sir CG.,​
salamat po,.,.:)
ito po yung PSD and other resources​
di ko ma upload dito,.4MB kasi eh,.​
inupload ko na lang sa mediafire​
PSD & other Resources​
You do not have permission to view the full content of this post. Log in or register now.
password: sharkboyslayer​
Reason for Editing:​
binago ko lang po yung kulay,.tsaka dinagdagan ko lang ng text,.​
di kasi maganda sa paningin ko yung kulay eh.,salamat​
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