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Help Smart/TnT Cap related to Android GPS?


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Good day sa lahat.Newbie lang po at may itatanong lang sana sa mga henyo natin dyan. Ewan ko po kung may nag post na po nito dito.
Observe ko po kasi pag ON ko po ng data connection sa Android drop down menu (Kitkat ver. po yung phone ko) kasabay ding nag-oon yung Location kahit di ginagalaw. Then i-ooff ko ngayon yung Location(GPS po sa ibang phone) at mag s†rêâmïng using psiphon sa YøùTùbé ,then capped po diba. Tapos balik po ako sa drop down menu para i-disconnect and reconnect yung data, ayun naka-on na naman po yung Location na mag-isa. Nangyayari lng po ito gamit ang smart o tnt sim, sa globe/tm hindi po kasi nasubukan ko na po ito sa 3 ibat-ibang cellphone.
Yun nga po tanong ko base sa aking obsevation kung related ba yung capping sa smart/tnt sa GPS/Location na yan. Enlighten me mga masters.
Zamboanga City nga po pala area ko.
Thank you po.


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May way po ba na i permanently off po yung Location tracker ng Android kasi po kahit anong gawing ko nag oopen po talaga mag-isa kung gagamit po ako ng psiphon? Thanks po.


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As reliance on GPS systems continues to grow, some users worry about the potential for tampering that can undermine the system’s accuracy. And it seem the more critical the information being gathered, the greater the concern that a GPS unit could be interfered with by GPS jammers, preventing it from working correctly.

Times when it’s important for GPS devices to work properly…

  • Law enforcement agencies using GPS systems to track and monitor *** offenders or violent criminals on parole. Rather than making house visits they track their movements using desktop GPS software that issues alerts if a parolee goes somewhere they shouldn’t.
  • Fleet managers using GPS tracking as an anti-theft device to protect assets, lowering their insurance premiums and improving asset recovery if the asset is ever stolen.
  • Fleet managers using the devices toYou do not have permission to view the full content of this post. Log in or register now. after hours or outside designated areas.
  • An increasing number of suspicious spouses are covertly tracking their partners to confirm their whereabouts and verify their stories.
So in these cases where there is a very real possibility the person being tracked would quite happily disable the device, what is stopping them purchasing a GPS jammer? And how do they actually work?

GPS jamming and blocking devices
So we’ve looked at some scenarios where a jamming or blocking device may be used. What equipment does someone need to block a GPS signal and prevent it from working? It really depends on the type of device being used to track the asset or individual, whether it’s a real-time tracker or not.

There are a variety of methods that have been used to try and disable, confuse or otherwise render a GPS tracking device useless. Some options are more expensive than others but all have a common objective to block or interfere with the GPS signal.

It is more common to try and block the signal from the GPS satellite since this signal is much weaker than the signal being transmitted by the device. How a GPS unit is tampered with also depends on how secretive it needs to be. Obviously if there is no need for secrecy then someone may just physically destroy the device to render it inoperable!


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In short...nosebleed...
I don't think I or any particular person in this forum qualify for any of the aforementioned severe case of malicious intents. On the contrary, technology, i.e. GPS can be used by both good and bad minded person, organizations, government, schools, businesses for equally good or bad intentions. Two main issues, "Privacy and Security".
In any case..I just really want a damn free internet just like you.

Kasi nga po pag on ko ng data mag oon din GPS/Location tracker sa android phone ko and baka may kinalaman to sa capping nina trams/tnt,so kung may way na i off sya ng permanente baka mabypass ang capp...hula ko lang to, walang basehan, kase wala po talaga akong expertise sa bagay na ito. Thanks po

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