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Help Sent paypal money to a banned member


Was reading threads and this member seems legit.
Still it bothers me sending it since I can't communicate with the person here.
Sent my 250 paypal as instructed in one of his post. I just hope I did the right leap of faith worth 250.
I'm just posting this thread to somehow seek positive responses from those who have done dealings with JC.
Will delete this post if it doesn't comply the forum's regulations.
Thank you for hearing me out.

Screenshot_2022-05-22-05-51-45-93.png Screenshot_2022-05-22-05-37-18-79.png Screenshot_2022-05-22-05-37-10-70.png

After few minutes of worrying, I received my gcash.
Guess, my intuition of blind-sending something does pay off if one reads or checks out the person's reputation.
Still, I advise not to do what I've done.
Didn't expect the fear of "what ifs" kicked in real hard this time.
Once again, thank you Sir.

Legit po ito mga guys. Post ko na rin SS ng gcash na natanggap ko. Screenshot_2022-05-22-06-56-35-84.png


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