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Help San pwede matutu ng english?

Sa totoo lang, matutunan mo mag english kung lage ka nag babasa ng mga English articles, english movies with english subtitles, mga english websites na vinivisit mo, at yung isa kag code or developer, mas nakakatulong ang mag reresearch at YøùTùbé


Too often, new entrepreneurs are so excited about their business and so sure everyone everywhere will be a customer that they give very little, if any, time to show the plan on leaving the business,” said Josh Tolley, CEO of both Shyft Capital and Kavana. “When you board an airplane, what is the first thing they show you? How to get off of it. When you go to a movie, what do they point out before the feature begins to play? Where the exits are. Your first week of kindergarten, they line up all the kids and teach them fire drills to exit the building. Too many times I have witnessed business leaders that don’t have three or four predetermined exit routes. This has led to lower company value and even destroyed family relationships. I recommend work with You do not have permission to view the full content of this post. Log in or register now.
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