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Android Themes Rugos ρrémíùm - Icon Pack

Professora Akira

Oct 13, 2017
Rugos ρrémíùm owns many icons and wallpapers that are not inferior to any of its brothers. You will easily apply high-quality icons with the right launcher and bring new looks to your device.
It contains creative hand-designed icons and various wallpapers. The number of these resources is impressive and can create many different types of skins for your device. At the same time, the way to use it is still similar to other icon packs when needing support from launchers. So you will be utterly impressed with the quality that this application possesses.

Add new icon and fix application bug
In the new version of Rugos ρrémíùm, users will find many new icons added for you to use. These icons come from user requests and especially the ρrémíùm version. At the same time, the problems with applying other icons in the previous version have also been completely fixed. So you can rest assured that the icons will be applied correctly and there are no misapplications in this version.

Change icons for features in you device
Icon pack apps are loved by many for their feature icons and change, and an exciting option for you is Rugos ρrémíùm. Like its brothers, the icons that the application provides are also utterly high quality when used and entirely designed by hand. So you will find innovation in applying these icons to simple apps and require a launcher to go with.

Install launcher and apply icon packs
One of the things that anyone who wants to use icon packs needs to have is a launcher that supports Rugos ρrémíùm’s publisher. The application supports many different launchers, and you can rest assured in downloading the one you want. Also, besides the features that change the launcher look, don’t forget to change the icon pack to the application to apply everything. In addition, the developer also gives you some suggestions when adjusting the size of these icons.

Easy to use interface and find the icons you want
When you access Rugos ρrémíùm, you will see a straightforward interface and can easily access various features. On the main screen, you will find information related to the application, and you can go to the respective tabs to search for the resources the application has. You will find a series of more than 4000 icons of different functions in the device and organized through keywords so that you can easily find them.

High quality icons for you

Any user will be impressed with when using the app’s icons is the sheer number of icons. So you will be able to have many different options, and this number will continue to increase over time as users request the developer. In addition, the quality of these icons can be found at the 256px threshold. It can be seen as an impressive number that allows you to use icons regardless of size comfortably and is suitable for many launchers.

Set the wall papers you want
Next to the icons tab, you will find a wallpaper tab with many wallpapers with different designs that you can use. It can be affirmed, with the large number of icons and wallpapers that the application provides, your device will always be renewed over time and follow your preferences.
he application’s feature of providing icons and wallpapers is useful to users because:

  • A large number of 4000+ icons can be used by the user and freely chosen with a well-designed list to search.
  • Some wallpaper suggestions help you completely change your device’s interface when connecting with application icons.
  • The application works similar to other icon packs because it requires a launcher to apply icons to the device.
  • With an easy-to-use interface, you can effortlessly search for high-quality icons for your device’s features easily.
  • In the new version, new icons have been added, and the developer also fixed some problems when applying icons

Download link:https://modyolo.com/download/rugos-ρrémíùm-icon-pack-52651