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Android App Push Notifications Fixer 3.1

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La Freak

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Jan 16, 2013
Current Version:

Requires Android: 2.2 and up
Category: Tools
v3.1 update:
Version 3.1, 2013/04/18 :
- Added ACCESS_SUPERUSER manifest permission (best practice only)
- Make some descriptions more clear
- Renamed application shortcut to PNF
Version 3.0, 2013/02/25 :
- NEW: Possibility to set mobile hearbeat and wifi hearbeat
- Added link to report the problem to the google discussion forum
Please note this app does NOT solve wifi/3g disconnection problems.
Setting the hearbeat interval to 5 minutes only means android will check the push connection every 5 minutes.


Do you have delayed push notifications with Gtalk, GMail, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc?
This app its for you! Its FREE and have NO banners! Consider a donation from the app.

Please note this app does NOT solve wifi / 3g disconnection problems.
Setting the hearbeat interval to 5 minutes only means android will check the push connection every 5 minutes, NOT that you will receive push notifications every 5 minutes. Read below.
This app ONLY change a NUMBER inside GSF android database, read below, NOTHING ELSE.
Don’t rate bad! If you have problems or doubts, send me an email ( ask.andqlimax@gmail.com ) and I will answer you as soon as possible.
XDA support thread: You do not have permission to view the full content of this post. Log in or register now.
*** How to use?
Install, accepts superuser permissions (set always allow, optionally disable superuser notifications), enjoy.

* The problem (read this for better understanding):
Apps like Gtalk, GMail, Whatsapp (partially push), Facebook Messenger, etc, use google’s push service through a TCP shared connection on the port 5228 between your phone and google servers.
To keep this connection alive, android use a periodic HeartBeat (a small network data packet) which is used to avoid the connection timeout. Unfortunally this HeartBeat, by default, occurrs only every 15 minutes on wifi and every 28 minutes on 3G.
What may happen for most users is that the wifi router or the mobile carrier can automatically close/terminate this connection after some SHORT time of inactivity, for example when you are not sending / receiving any push notification.
For how the push notifications works, your phone is not aware that this connection was externally closed, so this is the reason why you will have no push notifications untill this connection get re-enstabilished by android, when the next HeartBeat is sent.

* The solution in my app:
This app ( PNF ) ONLY update this HeartBeat Interval (stored on th GSF database inside android data partition) to the value of your choice, in order to maintain the push service connection alive.
The recommended value is 5 minutes since its should be enough short for every user.
This app does NOT drain battery in background, its only check the hearbeat value when your phone connect to the network to check if it needs to be updated (since android in some conditions can revert it to the default value).
Shortening the HeartBeat Interval to 5 minutes should not have a big impact on the battery life at all.

* GTalk Service Monitor
To check what I’m talking about open the dialer, and dial this code *#*#TALK#*#*, scroll down and search for the Heartbeat Interval. GTalk Service Monitor its a default tool integrated on android. It’s part of GTalk, since push service use google talk protocols.

* Notice:
This app is provided with no warranty. You are responsible for what you are doing on your phone.

* How to restore the default heartbeat interval value
If you dont need this app, uninstall it and reboot your device. Thats all, after some time (12 hours or less) the default hearbeat will be restored by android.

Keywords: push notification fix, pnf


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