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Android App PortraitAI - AI Portrait ver.1.5.7( Mod Apk)

Professora Akira

Oct 13, 2017
PortraitAI is a handy tool that can take you back to centuries past with the impressive paint drawings you create. With just a few simple editing operations, you will have completely satisfying works to use

PortraitAI is an AI-powered image editing application where users can create images similar to those from the last century. Any user can easily approach and choose the feature they want.

📌Turn you photos into painrings of the past century​

Users find processing a photo into a painting with strokes and content belonging to the past centuries in PortraitAI. You will perform these works straightforwardly with only a certain number of gestures in the game. Also, resources that you can include in the application can be images from your library or a quick selfie.

📌Edit your photo easily
The operations you can perform inside PortraitAI are elementary and only take a few minutes for the application to process. The first step that you need to do is that you will need to select an image from the gallery or take a picture yourself. Once selected, the application will completely process the image, and with just a few seconds of waiting, the photo will be processed through the filters and sent to you. Of course, you will be utterly amazed at what has changed with the image.

📌Choose the expression of the photo​

Once PortraitAI’s processing is complete, you will begin to perform some of the application’s functions for your convenience in storing and viewing your products. If you want to change how the image is presented, you will need to select the feature with the square icon on the right side. You will be able to choose whether to treat each image individually or as four images appear in a frame. Each way of viewing will have factors to help you select the image you want.

📌Download images that make you feel beautiful​

Each image has its filter element, so you will choose the image you feel like in PortraitAI. You’ll be able to compare them when you put them side by side or swipe each image to find the variation of the original image. From there, you need to select the image and press the save button to proceed with storing the image you want. The number of pictures stored will continue to increase as you change the photo’s subject and have yourself a beautiful work.

📌Select thd file type you want to use​

Bases the main features that the application possesses, you also find other features of each instance type located at the bottom of the screen. It includes portrait, portrait ρrø, and portrait video. At the same time, each has its interesting points, and you will notice when you change the version, and of course, you will pay a lot of attention to portrait video. This feature is similar to a slideshow where you will see the images shown continuously.

📌Applications with high entertainment Features​

When you use this app to change your image, you get a whole new experience with what the app has to offer every time you change. You will be curious about your results after changing many different objects. So the application is highly entertaining for users.

The application possesses valuable features that you cannot ignore, including:
– The application’s interface is simple and easy to use, with key features for users to get used to.
– The images used for editing can be images in the library for convenient selection by users or quick selfie images.
– Image processing takes only a short time, and you will see many variations of your image.
– The choice of observation method also has specific benefits in finding images that you like.
– Selecting the related types will also change the features you can use and provide adequate entertainment time.

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