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Online Lending Apps in 2023.


Jan 25, 2023
I cant believe i fell into the trap of these online lending apps recently. For someone like me who always reads everything before clicking on anything, this one i really made a big mistake. Early December a friend recommended a lending app when i was in dire need of financial assistance for a maynilad bill that balloned to 37K. Aside from that, i have to shoulder the repair of the leak thats causing the bill to go as high as 27K (replacing everything and labor). The 1st app offered only 2k (TALA the only legit app for me). And since the amount is not enough to cover my expenses, i had to open another app and so on. I was paying diligently even if the deductions and time period are not humanly accepatable. Its true what they say that even those who thinks right wont be in their right minds when youre pushed to the wall and desperate. Kahit na nakakabayad ako on time, i would continue to reloan since wala akong money on hand to close them. for more than a month, nakakbayad ako, but this week, since lahat lang labas, wala nmn pumapasok saken other than the money from these lendings apps. pulos roll over lang ang nangyayare (roll over- you loan to pay for the other loan). Nung hindi na ko nakabayad last friday, the harrassment started, to me and to my contact referrences. Magugulat kayo to know na nung weekend lang ako nakanuod ng mga horror stories about the kind of collection tactics these agents are doing. Sobraang dami na pala. IN you tube naman, d ako nanunuod mga tulfo or kahit anung investigative reporting about that kaya wala din recommendation na similar videos. Unang araw pa lang. naka experience na ko ng emotional distress, shame/humiliation (lalo na sa mga contacts ko), anxiety attack and a lot more, which was something bago saken kaya di ako naka react calmly. Kung napanuod ko tong mga videos na to cguro d na ko mag aatempt or probably I'll limit lang to atleast at the most 5. Now I have a total of 20+ i think. I emailed them to give me ample time to pay. some replied to just communicate sa mga collection agents. sinabe ko "how can i communicate if they continue to shout and not allow me to speak" and that theyre agents are rude to the nth level. I know i have a strong case againts the cyberbullying tactics we are being subjected to. for 2 days, ini off ko muna yung phone ko, dahil nakaka add lng ng emotional distress and I cant focus on what i wanted to do. What's helping me a bit are the support im getting from friends, mga crisis hotlines, videos para lang di ma occupy ng mga to yung araw ko coz theyre counter productive.

i hope to be able to pass this difficult trial from the higher up, i only regretted a few in my whole being, and this one is probably the worst coz i called a crisis hotline.
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marami na din ganyan case na balita naghaharass ng mga customer para magbayad ayun niraid ng mga pulis ahaha
Malalampasan mo din ysn TS. Tiwala lang. Grabe naman yang maynilad 37k.haha samin nga wala talaga supply ang maynilad pero nagbabayad kami ng monthly. Saklap
kamusta na ts nalampasan mona po ba ang pagsubok mong nararanasan ngayon? always remember lang na di ka magisa may friends ka naman to support you always so laban lang