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Trivia Mobile Data tipid tips (for legit consumable data promos only)


Jun 12, 2020

I've been using data promos for the past 4 months since the apartment that we transferred in has no slots for my PLDT connection.

I started using the Globe Home Prepaid Wifi (see post for more info: GHPW GUIDE). Tried several things with the built in sim card that came with the modem but decided to buy a regular Globe LTE sim in the end.

Several times have I tried using VPN but with how unstable of the one that I availed, I just sticked with regular data promos. With that, let me share with you some of the things that I do to minimize my data consumption for my everyday usage:

1. Globe Stackable Promos
Yes, Globe has this option. I have been using this since 2016 (afair), and it really helps me a lot in saving my data if I don't need to use it. Below is the process:

1.1 Register GOSURFBE34 and send it to 8080.
- this will give you a duration of 15 Days for your promos. It is crucial also to register this every 14th day of the duration of the promo (15 if you can remember lol) so that your remaining data balance can be stacked again for another 15 days.

1.2 Register to any Go or GOSURF promos (e.g. Go50 send 8080).
- now with this you have the data allowance on the promo you availed plus the duration of the GOSURFBE34 which is 15 days. Normally Go50 promos is only for 3 days.

With this process that I do, I only use what I need for the week instead of availing the GHPW data promos which now sucks unlike before when the pandemic was just fresh in PH.

This is the only reason I'm using Globe instead of Smart, since the latter doesn't have any stackable promos like Globe (afaik).

2. Consumption
Now with the consumption. If you're like me that has so many gadgets (Desktop, Notebook, Multiple Mobile Phones, etc) then chances are all of these are connected in you LTE Modem. To lessen my consumption, here's what I do:

2.1 Only use LTE Modem for non-LTE devices.
- example my desktop, laptop and tablet. All if this has no option on registering for LTE promos, that's where I connect them to my modem.

2.2 Register your main LTE device on the same promos from 1.
  • your main mobile phone that you use everyday, load it up. This way you can have a back up device that you can also use whenever your modem suddenly f-up.
  • this is also good in time when you're in bed and just browsing through your phone. Turn off the modem and use your data! (Lessens your electric bill at the same time)

2.3 Video strêâmïng
- this would be the most data consuming activity (aside from downloading ofcourse). My practice is to only watch videos on the lowest yet watchable resolution which is 480p. For an hour of strêâmïng you'll consume more or less 500mb unlike strêâmïng in 1080p which consume 3gb of data in an hour of strêâmïng. (see this link for more details: You do not have permission to view the full content of this post. Log in or register now.). Or you can just download it so that you can always rewatch it anytime. In my case, I only stream videos when needed be because of the nature of my work. For leisure videos (movies, series, anime, etc.), I always download it using the option that I will provide next.

3. Downloading or Updating apps/software
This one consumes a lot. So instead if using data promos, I opt for the regular load which is PHP 5.00 for 15mins. To know the process of how to do this, click this link PHC GUIDE TO REGULAR LOAD FOR DATA.

3.1 Turn off all automatic updates on your devices
  • this one is the best life saver for your data consumtion. The only downside on this is you have to do the updating frequently. But with how much data you'll save, I'll take that option anytime.
  • the trick here is to only update your frequently used apps/software.

3.2 For desktop/notebooks that are using Windows OS
- my practice is to update my softwares monthly (either 1st day of the month or the 30th). This way, you won't be too surprise on having your data consumed wihtout your knowledge, this updates are like ninja stealing data!

- this is not for consumption but rather for speed. If you have a intermentent connection on your LTE modem, it won't hurt to try using an outdoor antenna. I say it wont hurt because if you decide not to use the antennas, you can easily sell it online with the same price.

It will take me about a year (8 months from writing this) to move to another apartment. So mobile data is my only option. If you have any suggestion that you can give me aside from what I stated, then by all means let me know through the comments.

Let's have a healthy discussion here in this sub.

What is your average monthly data consumption? (and the total cost/price)
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More or less 100gb per month (both Mobile and Modem LTE). Costs me around Php 1000. Kung include yung sa partner ko, around Php 1500 estimate.


Nasanay na ako manuod ng 240p resolution videos sa YôùTùbé hahhahahah. Ang liit ng data consumption ko kada araw.


Eternal Poster
smart giga stories 299 for 30days. 4gb data plus 2gb everyday facebook. gumagamit lang ako own vpn config using cloudflare 50 pesos monthly medyo stable. para sa everyday. at 2 sim bali dalawa giga stories para 4gb everyday. mataas consumption ko dahil nag Nétflí× ako. medyo safe at less hussle. wala din data block
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Ayos to bro. Yung config mo sa Cloudflare marami pang ginagawa or kalikutin or in app na yung mismong config? Searching for stable VPN parin kasi ako. And for mobile lang ba?


This post is so helpful. I've been trying na makahanap na tipid promo for GHPW, since nagstart ako magwfh.

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