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Kairosoft Games Latest Collection (1.08gb)


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Jan 27, 2018

Kairosoft is a renowned game development company that specializes in creating games for Android devices. Their games offer a unique blend of simulation and management, allowing players to build towns, manage cafes, run zoos, and even create their own amusement parks.
Their latest releases include "Cafe Master Story", a retro cafe management sim where you serve up food, drinks, and smiles, "Dream Town Island", a town-building sim where your residents work, play, get married and have kids, and "Zoo Park Story", where you tend to endearing animal pals as you take your dream zoo to the top of the business.
Kairosoft's games are available in multiple languages including English, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Thai. They also have a presence on Instagram and offer a newsletter for updates.
Whether you're looking to build your dream town or run a bustling cafe, Kairosoft has a game for you. So why wait? Dive into the world of Kairosoft and let your imagination run wild!

List of Kairosoft games including in this pack:

Total of 28 Kairosoft Games, 1,170,245,334 bytes (1.08gb) in total

[Unlock License] - No Mod, Signed APK, Removed License Check
[Menu] - Optional Mod for cheats (You can turn on hide if you don't want to use cheats)
[Save Game] - Optional cheat using savegame, though you can start clean new game.

Q. Why my favorite game isn't there?
A. These APK files are kinda like semi-modded, or you can choose to cheat if you want. I only offer pure Kairosoft games for those who prefer to play without cheats. Just so you know, most of the Kairosoft games not listed here are modded or just outdated, and honestly, I wouldn't recommend adding those to my collection. You want the latest of your favorite game(though modded)? google is your best friend, otherwise buy it.
Q. Are these updated?
A. Yes all of them, I've checked every APKs versions as of September 19, 2023

User Requested Kairosoft games:
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Download Here:
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grabe sakto nung isang araw pinagiisipan ko pa if lalaruin ko ulit kasi mahirap magsimula ulit e. buti nalang unlocked na ito.

Thank you sooo much sa pag share paps
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