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Referral Join and shine in intime tax refund


Sep 9, 2015
Share ko lang mga lods, intime tax refund. para po ito sa mga risk taker at open minded sa mga ganitong gawain. New user na mag sign up ay may free 100pesos and daily 3pesos profit sa pag buy ng item.

sa mga gustong kumita jan ng extra itry nyo na to. marami kayong makikitang reviews sa YøùTùbé about sa site. sa apps naman nsa playstore po ang download apk. marami na po ang kumita at malay nyo kayo rin mag shine dito.

to register click nyo lang po ang link below
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use my code to register po: 329250

PM nyo lang ako pag nkapag register kayo para maisali ko kayo sa main gc ng intime. doon maraming sasagot sa mga katanungan nyo at maraming tutulong sa inyo at makapag attendance kayo daily para makakuha ng points at maipapalit sa manager mo. puro pinoy ang kasali dun at magpapakita sa inyo ng proof ng kitaan.

Screenshot_20220401_053448_com.android.vending.jpg Screenshot_20220330_145436_com.huawei.browser.jpg Screenshot_20220330_093230_com.android.chrome_edit_135310444159556.jpg Screenshot_20220330_200317_org.telegram.messenger.jpg IMG_20220224_034213-988x1536.jpeg

join na kayo🙂


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Dear INTIME user:
In response to the regulatory policy requirements of the local government and the review of the tax department, INTIME TAX REFUND will complete an orderly clearing under the premise of ensuring the safety of Philippine users' funds.
All INTIME users are requested to initiate wí†hdráwals from April 20th to April 21st.
In response to the International Anti-Money Laundering Law, all users need to pay 30% of the account balance as a security deposit (accounts with a balance below 1500PHP do not need to pay a security deposit).
After paying the deposit, your wí†hdráwal will arrive in your wí†hdráwal account within 3 working days, and the deposit you have paid will be returned to your deposit account within 7 working days.
Thanks to all INTIME users for their support and recognition of the platform, INTIME will return to the Philippine market after obtaining the Philippine Securities Secondary Authorization Certificate.
You and INTIME have spent 10 months together. In these 10 months, we have witnessed the development of the industry. We believe that, whether successful or not, these will be memorable times in the future.