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Is Virtual Assistance in the Philippines the new job demand of foreigners?

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jennyx duarte

Apr 26, 2013
Off season for teachers, off the trend for nurses and now coming in the vogue is virtual assistance?

Virtual assistance is getting a high demand these days as internet is becoming the way of doing business. Even CNN and foreign TV News are catching the blossoming popularity of it and of course, we are lucky to be always featured as the better if not the best virtual assistants - The Filipino Virtual Assistants! Yes, because we have competitions too from other countries and the most head on competitor is India. Most foreigners love to do business with us because of our westernize culture and are truly committed by heart with our jobs. So it's high time that we take this seriously though not all people can be a virtual assistant, I mean if you can't stay at home and still enjoying to see your work place and office mates everyday then this is not for you.

One of the benefits of being a virtual assistant is it is a home-based job. You get to work right in the comfort of your home and avoid commuting everyday plus you get to have a foreign client which pays you in dollars, imagine you can stop being an OFW and just have a happy day with your family here in the Philippines. Being a virtual assistant doesn't only applies to call centers, copywriting or secretarial works. Any job that can be virtually moderated online can do such as for accountants, teachers, graphic designers, web developers, engineers or even doctors along side with other medical related jobs.

But before shifting into this kind of trendy virtual job, you have to arm yourself with the proper online routine and tools which can prepare you to have a better job offer or as a virtual assistant would say, getting a gig! It is crucial to have mentors or expert groups to rely on while going through the changing phase. Fortunately, there are a lot of people online that are ready to help you about this. One of the most noted and trusted in this field is Jomar Hilario. Well, if you don't know him yet and interested about virtual assistance in the Philippines, just try to search his name on google, join his seminars for starters or just subscribe to his - seems to be never ending free tutorials which are webinar-based every week. Jomar is also known for his many knowledge of online marketing tools and strategy, so if you're not into virtual assistance you can also seek his mentoring for business online marketing if you're a businessman of course. There are other emerging mentoring seminars for virtual assistant or VA, but I recommend Jomar Hilario because he is a pioneer and many big time foreigners already knows him and even requesting to train Filipnos to become VA's because they love to hire us.

So stop the intrigue, why not if this will help you rest early in your own home, stay closer with your family and earn dollars like an OFW is. Start the change now and let's make another big name again as "Filipino Virtual Assistants--most sought after in the world!"

God bless to everyone!
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