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interesting concept that can be applied to all sorts of things


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Just an hour ago, I came up with an interesting concept. I am not sure whether somebody else has come up with this or whether this concept already has a name, but here it is.

Let us say that you have a beatiful perfect circle with a radius of 1km named circle A.

circle A has 16 other circles that can move around and bounce with each other.

After creating a space, let us create a rectangluar object outside the circle with the name B. Rectangle B is 2m wide and 10m long. Unlike the circles inside circle A, rectangle B can freely pass the boundary of circle A but not its members. Rectangle B will be our medium to interact with the contents inside circle A.

Now that all the objects are generated, let us "orchestrate".

For simplicity's sake, let us form a circle-like placement using the 16 circle members of circle A. Each with a distance of 50m from the center of circle A.

Now, we may use rectangle B to interact with the contents of circle A. I will not be doing a computation because I am too lazy, but mathematical answers are encouraged in this thread. The only important part is the outcome or a certain point in the middle of the composition (depending on your needs).

The beauty of this concept is that it virtually has no limits. You can use different shapes, sizes, forces and much more. A great example is with the application of this concept into 3 dimensions. You can use a cylinder as a member of a sphere, with a box as your way to interact with the sphere or you can use 3 sticks to poke the contents of the sphere- the possibilities are limitless! My point is that you can represent data (A-Z) (0-9) with the use of this concept. (e.g the distance of circle M from point J is 0.75m, therefore the character is "g").

I am really interested in the ideas you may come up with this concept in mind, so please reply!
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