Help How to force LTE realme 6 pro?


Oct 17, 2022
Malakas signal ng smart ko before 3-4 bar, ngayun bigla nalang sya humina. Nagiging 1-2 bar nalang tapos nawawala signal. Ano po dahilan nito? Dahil po ba lagi ako nag a-airplane mode kapag nawawala signal?
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Ano yan snapdragon

Try ##4636##
Select lte only



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  • Download:
  • Select Method:
    • Method 1# Android Below 11
    • Method 2# Android Above 11
  • Select Phone Index:
    • Phone 0 (SIM 1)
    • Phone 1 (SIM 2)
  • Set Preferred Network Type:
    • LTE Only (4G Network Only)
  • Enable Mobile Radio Power if Disabled.
try mo activity launcher sa playstore tapos sa activity laucher i search dun "band, baseband or radio" sa ibang phone dyan pede baguhin.

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