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Closed Gmeet screen recording using xbox game bar

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Mga mam/sir nadedetect po ba ng host or nagnonotif po ba sa lahat ng participants kapag ni screen record ko yung discussion sa google meet using xbox game bar or kahit anong tools for screen recording? Thanks in advance po
Hello! It's great that you're interested in using Xbox Game Bar or other screen recording tools for recording Google Meet discussions. When you start screen recording using Xbox Game Bar or any other screen recording tool, it generally doesn't notify or alert the participants in the Google Meet session. The recording process is independent of the Google Meet platform, so other participants are not directly informed when someone starts recording.

However, it's important to note that recording a Google Meet session without the consent of all participants may be a violation of privacy or ethical guidelines, depending on your location and the nature of the discussion. It's always a good practice to inform others that you will be recording the session and obtain their consent before proceeding with the recording. Respecting the privacy and preferences of others is crucial in maintaining a respectful and productive virtual meeting environment.

If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to ask!
Not open for further replies.