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Give me some license key of Overwatch pls...


I expect Overwatch will release with free-to-play but new Blizzard decide will not be going into f2p upon release this game. The game was cost of $40 for standard edition so that can't buy it of my budget where i was in financial problem. I don't know when will be bring back to f2p, so i want play this game. I played this game while only 1 week as pre-trial as expect to f2p upon release, the gameplay was really dynamic and complicated. I want to move on my current game is Heroes of the Storm cuz i can't handle my being good player and very hard to get team for tournament and tournament was online, the gameplay was many needs to fix their balance in ranked mode, matchmaking composition of player(relies in levels,rank, especially match histories), and rank point addition system changes. Im also good with first or 3rd person shooter so anyone give me some key to play a overwatch pls... i want to play it again as my new start journey...

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