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Course [FREE UDEMY] Notion for Teachers

Notion for Teachers​


What you'll learn​

  • How to Set up a Notion Workspace that is centered around teaching
  • How to build synchronising Task Lists and Calendars
  • How to make and use Kanban Boards, Tables, Galleries more
  • How to create a clean, effective design that prioritises the most important parts of your role
  • How to build and use a School Journal to keep track of all that you do, serving as evidence for appraisals, professional development portfolios and even for dis
  • How to import, embed and upload files, video, websites etc


Hello and welcome.

This course has been created to help you increase your productivity, efficiency and effectiveness within the realm of teaching in order to reduce stress, workload and unnecessary pressure.

The primary target audience is the teacher, instructor or educator. Who is a beginner to Notion and perhaps could do with more structure and guidence with organising their work day.
What ever your job title, it will help gear you up with a set of tried and tested organisational tools that you will be able to implement into your own lives.
Centered around Notion as the primary software, we will build, piece by piece, an organisational system into a workspace that will be used as a platform for storing resources, powerpoints, and administrative documents. The goal is to help you diagnose and resolve friction points within your working day and to help you reduce your workload. With less stress and better organisation, you will have improved confidence. This in turn will rub off onto the pupils you teach.
You will be shown, as a complete beginner to Notion, how to use the fundamental project management tools Such as Tables, Kanban Boards, Toggles, galleries, Embedding and many more.

There's also a full introduction to Notion, which includes information on pricing, installation and reasons for using the software as a teacher and again, more.

Who this course is for:​

  • Teachers and other educators are the primary target audience but the content will serve anyone who wishes to up their organizational skills

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