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Curling3d v2.0.15 apk

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Jan 24, 2011
Curling3D v2.0.15 Apk


Curling3D v2.0.15 Apk | 20 MB | Mediafire
Requires Android:2.2 and up
Are you a curling fan? Then try this Ultra-Realistic, 3D, Curling Simulation Game.​
Game Review:

*** Multiplayer is available now! Play with your friends from Facebook or with random rivals in the network!
You’re not a curling fan? Try Curling3D anyway and you’ll fall in love with curling and our game.Curling3D is one of the best curling simulation games for one or two players. Similar to shuffleboard, the game is played on a flat ice curling sheet, roughly 15×150 feet. Players slide round stones of about 40 pounds towards bull’s eye targets at either end. Two teammates may use brooms to sweep the ice in front of the moving stone.
Curling3D attempts to simulate the excitement of the game by incorporating many aspects of the actual sport. Fundamentally, curling is about force, mass, friction, momentum, rotation and collision. The app exploits the sophisticated physics engine built into the Android OS to generate a convincing simulation of all these elements as they interact. In the terminology of curling, the weight is the velocity of the stone; the turn is the rotation of the stone (which affects its trajectory); and the line is the direction of the throw or delivery. Curling3D allows the player to continuously and independently control all three, permitting advanced tactics such as the guard, takeout, and tap. In addition, the app allows the player to sweep the ice while their stone is moving, adjusting trajectory after the delivery.
Feature Highlights:
• Realistic, hi-res, 3D simulation of Curling
• Complete control of force, direction, and rotation of the stone
• Advanced features permit tactics used in actual play of the game called “chess on ice”
• Detailed instructions for gameplay
• Can be played by one player against the computer, or two players against each other
• Exploits advanced physics engine of Android OS to simulate realistic motion
• Easy and intuitive controls
• Incorporates the true rules of curling
• Player vs. computer (artificial intelligence) with three levels of difficulty
• Take part in the Tournament
• Multiplayer gameplay for two players
• A variety of character models
• Choice of player *** and 12 countries for teams
• Scoring of intermediate and total results
• Detailed graphics and animation
• Excellent sound design
Try it… you won’t be disappointed.
What’s in this version :
  • Fixed bug with multiplayer log in.
  • Play with your friends from social networks or with random rivals in the network!
  • The graphics of the game have been improved
  • Bug fixes
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3wu7Ey-9Gbaiq7l17Kw-_GNyznOdwC8U2MqYlukPS2O-bUWQ5g.jpg AWjEUwwE0pukOa4pxsIqjRBqZzFNcki01f06t_w2jP7ca37t5A.jpg
pLyhJBMpVMJe2Epnl3RptCdwqyHyB6YhvKCSiSDrVXJ8eM2f-g.jpg 0nrbzPPtIA_3GnbMKLeLk134bI85Eckp-Sd8RDLtMAhPzCpXxd.jpg


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