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Axie swap/ Scholar

Sana po matulungan nyo ako maging isko..

Name: Christian M. Maestro
Age: 33
Location: Romblon, Philippines
Device: Mobile
Internet: Mobile Data/WIFI
Game Experience: Console Games, Computer Games (RF ONLINE,CABAL ONLINE,RAN ONLINE,SPECIAL FORCE,CROSSFIRE,GODWAR (FB), League of Legends, Dota1 and 2, Grand Chase, FPS Games and Single Player Games) & Mobile Games

I don't have any experience in playing Axie Infinity but I have knowledge on how to play it and willing to learn to be an expert. I will grind until I reach and also exceed the quota. I'm a fast learner since I play a lot of games and strategic games that are same as Axie Infinity.

Thank You! God Bless!


Name: Bernabe, Jonas Emil, D.S.
Nickname(will be used in the guild): Jonas
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Location: Bulacan
Occupation: None / Student
Hobbies: (give me at least 1 unique hobby) Playing online games, Watching Anime, & learning programming languages.
Internet provider: Wifi
Device: Xiaomi Redmi 9
Games played: Cf, LoL, Pubg, Ml, Ggz, Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Phantasy star, Genshin Impact, Honkai Impact, etc..

How many hours per day can you play?
Atleast 4-5 hours
What are your strengths?
I'm fast learner I can learn easily if I am happy with that activity. I can contribute a lot in your guild because I like doing thing that I'm happy with.

What are your weaknesses?
, Shy person

Do you have any technical skills? (photoshop, software proficiency, data analysis, photography, etc.)
Yes, I do have technical skills. I can do basic photo editing in Photoshop, Canva, & lightroom. I'm learning programming languages because I want to be a programmer in the future.

Do you have any live s†rêâmïng experience? (If yes, how long?)
Yes. I tried it once using my mobile phone I last about 3 days. I use arcade but i face a lot of frame drops because the game is heavy and the s†rêâmïng app consumes ram in my phone.

How about vlogging?
No. Not yet.

Tell me about yourself
I'm Grade 12 Senior High, I don't have an experience in axie infinity but I have a little knowledge about the game I'm willing to learn and earn slp. Right now I am playing Call of duty mobile, genshin impact. I join daily scrims, & tournament because I want to be a competitive player. That's why I am confident that I will adopt the Axie infinity too because I used to play Strategy games when I was young. I know the responsibilities of being a scholar and I will be greatly honored if you will pick me as a scholar. Thankyou.

I'm dedicated person when it comes to the things that i love. I am also passionate about gaming. Right now i am into call of duty mobile, joing on daily scrims, and tournaments also. I have achieved high ranking multiple times on different gaming platforms that is why i am confident I can do well in axie infinity. I have also made a lot of friends through online games which proves that I am a trustworthy and sociable person. I know the responsibilities of being a scholar and I will be greatly honored if you will pick me as a scholar. thankyou sir! boss, future manager.


not wishing for much pero sana ma isko din no exp sa axie pero has always been an avid player of turn based games like card games and pokemon games and the likes not counting all the other games i've played.

Nag nnft games na din (dragonary, mdp, mir4)pero wala pang na rroi puro minimal investment lang wla kasing budget lol,may ronin wallet na din hahaha.
pa isko gamer po ako since grade 4 hanggang nag college ako 2nd year gamer po rin ako hobby ko na kasi ang paglalaro sana mapili ako sa iskolar. salamat ng marami