(Action/Offline) Otherworld Legends 1.1.0 Mod_Apk


Mar 29, 2017
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Otherworld Legends APK MOD is one of the newest Android Action game produced by ChillyRoom. Otherworld Legends is the smoothest roguelike I have ever played. fluid the way the character attacks, the way dodges is just so beautiful to control. it’s a constant joy. Downloading Otherworld Legends MOD APK will Reward you unlimited Money.

Try it if you like tough combat, adventure and action games. Your aim is to fight against the enemies you encounter in the dungeons. you are hero with the character you control to progress as far as possible and to complete the missions. Due to the freemium problems and general difficulties in Otherworld Legends here you will have to download MOD APK with unlimited money, unlimited diamond and unlocked all heroes and special abilities.

if you’re a fan of the roguelike genre and you enjoyed the more action orientated ones rather than the turn-based ones or if you like action games you might dig otherworld legends it has such a nice vibe to it. it’s such a joy to control in this game.

  • Added new hero the witch Katherine and Wild-West-themed scenes;
  • Players can now refresh items for sale with coins in the shop, and buy a weapon in weapon upgrade room;
  • Added 6 new power items;
*Adjustments include:
  • All heroes (except for Quentin) are more flexible when dodge;
  • Tengu’s HP is buffed from 500 to 800;
  • Asura Stage 3 is now immune to control effects;
  • Added initial coins and adjusted the coins from drinks
* Fixed bugs

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Download link:
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