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Closed 3 Ways To Shut Down Cyberstalkers Before They Take Control Of Your Life

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1. Block first and think later.

How annoying is it to get those random texts every day? Just block the number and be done with it. This person can keep going all he or she wants, but you won’t have to see it anymore. If this person is truly someone you want to talk to, he or she is likely going to tell you who he or she is.

2. Ignore, ignore, ignore.

Never respond. Give this person nothing.
If this person Snapchats you, don’t view it. If he or she Facebook messages you, don’t read it. The beautiful thing about social media is the ability to block anyone at the click of a button.
The downside is, if you look at what this person sent, he or she will know you did. Just refrain.
Don’t open it, don’t view it and sure as hell don’t respond to it. If you don’t give this person anything, then he or she has no fuel to keep going. But if you give him or her anything, he or she will never stop.

3. Delete.

Once this person is blocked, delete everything this person sent to you. Get rid of it. You don’t need it in your phone, on your screen or in your head.
When you go to Snapchat your friends, you don’t need to see the cyberstalker’s Snap still sitting there, begging to be opened. When you go to message someone on Facebook, you don’t need the off chance that you will accidentally open the message.

Take my advice and make these cyberstalkers disappear. Don’t be the victim. Be the aggressor.
Block, ignore, delete and be done.
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