Yuki, also known as Ukomno'm, is an extinct language of California, formerly spoken by the Yuki people. The Yuki are the original inhabitants of the Eel River area and the Round Valley Reservation of northern California. Yuki ceased to be used as an everyday language in the early 20th century and its last speaker, Arthur Anderson, died in 1983. Yuki is generally thought to be distantly related to the Wappo language.

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    Closed Connection problem?

    Para sa mga taong confused ngayon.dahil bigla nlng di gumana ang postern nila. Ito ang solution. 1.Mag ip hunt ka. Ion-or off mo lng ang data nyo.Or i airplane mode mo sya. on and off lng. Patience is the key for this. hanggang ma gain mo ang ip add. na 10.xx.xx ... 2.Change ur apn mga...
  2. M

    Closed Pasok tp10+t2 user dyan

    Mga master may capping po ba tp10 + t2 Salamat master!!!
  3. Y

    Closed Transformer 5 the last knight

    sa hindi pa nkakapanood DL lng po. https://openload.co/f/Ptbj8EYzvvs
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    Closed Remote proxy para happy!!

    Eto Try Nyo Remote Proxy!! SINGAPORE Country Kayo Na Bahala!!;8080;8080 Feedback If Nagana!! #SharingIsGood
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    Closed Newbie here at phc

    Hello Guys Newbie Here At PHC Can Anyone Assist Me? Bago Lang Po Damu Kupa Tanong, At tsaka Paki Send Or Comment Nman Nang Rules At Instruction Para Iwas Broke Sa Rules...Guys Kindly Respond I Need Your Help. #Respect #Newbie #Yuki
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    Yuki Here

    Hi to all. :) Please be nice. haha

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