The X-Men are a superhero team appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, first appearing in The X-Men #1 by artist/co-plotter Jack Kirby and writer/editor Stan Lee in 1963. Although initially cancelled in 1970 due to low sales, following its 1975 revival and subsequent direction under writer Chris Claremont, it became one of the most recognizable and successful franchises of Marvel Comics. They have appeared in numerous books, television shows, the 20th Century Fox X-Men films, and video games. The X-Men title may refer to the superhero team itself, the eponymous comic series, or the broader franchise including various solo titles and team books such as the New Mutants, Excalibur, and X-Force.
In the Marvel Universe, mutants are humans who are born with a genetic trait called the X-gene which grants them natural superhuman abilities. Due to their differences from the majority of humanity, mutants are subject to prejudice and discrimination and many X-Men stories feature social commentary on bigotry and justice. The X-Men have fought against a variety of enemies, including villainous mutants, human bigots, supervillains, mystical threats, extraterrestrials, and malevolent artificial intelligences. In most iterations of the team, they are led by their founder Charles "Professor X" Xavier, a powerful telepath who runs a school for mutant children out of his mansion in Westchester, New York, which secretly is also the headquarters of the X-Men. Their stories have frequently involved Magneto, a powerful mutant with control over magnetic fields, who is depicted as an old friend of and foil to Xavier, variously acting as an adversary or as an ally.
The current iteration of the official X-Men team is headquartered in The Treehouse, a Krakoan base in New York City, and the roster is voted on by their fellow mutants in elections held at periodic Hellfire Galas. No longer working in secret, they fight publicly for the safety of mutants, to build bridges between Krakoa and human nations, and to protect the Earth and Solar System from extraterrestrial threats.

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    X-Men Unlimited X-Men Green #2 (2022)

    X-Men Unlimited – X-Men Green #2 (2022) GOING GREEN! Nature Girl. Curse. Sauron. A dog. With the planet hanging in the balance, these few take up arms to ask “How far is too far to save us?” Can Logan answer the question before it’s too late? The conclusion of the hit story from Marvel...
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    X-Men Unlimited X-Men Green #1 (2022)

    X-Men Unlimited – X-Men Green #1 (2022) AN “X” CROSSING DANGEROUS LINES! When a young X-Man breaks the laws of Krakoa and takes a life, it’s up to Wolverine to track down his former student and take her down… But Nature Girl is tired of standing by while humanity destroys her home. Can even...
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    X-Men Red #6 (2022)

    X-Men – Red #6 (2022) BATTLE FOR THE BROKEN LAND! Planet Arakko chose peace over war. Now war has chosen them. The monstrous arsenal of the Eternals is on the march. The Arakkii must defend their broken land according to the ancient laws…but against an enemy even older than they are, can the...
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    X-Men Red #5 (2022)

    X-Men – Red #5 (2022) EXCESS DEVIATION! No one who is not an Omega-level mutant has ever taken one of the nine seats of the Great Ring. Together, they are the greatest power Arakko has ever known—and it’s nine against one. So, if the nine are losing…what does that say about the one? Judgment...
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    X-Men Red #4 (2022)

    X-Men – Red #4 (2022) THE MARTIAN WAY OF DEATH! Recent revelations threaten to profoundly alter the Destiny of X—and Arakko isn’t immune from the fallout! With the clock ticking down to interstellar war, STORM faces a Galactic Illuminati… MAGNETO attends a meeting of his own that might decide...
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    X-Men Red #3 (2022)

    X-Men – Red #3 (2022) POWER GRAB! TARN THE UNCARING waged war and torture on Arakko for centuries. He’s the most hated being on Mars…and he sits on their ruling council. ABIGAIL BRAND has a plan to remedy that—and reap the rewards. So does ROBERTO DA COSTA. But only one of them can win…and...
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    X-Men Hellfire Gala The Red Carpet Collection (2022)

    X-Men – Hellfire Gala – The Red Carpet Collection (2022) The X-Men are rolling out the red carpet for the biggest Krakoan event of the season — and this high-class hardcover details every drink, dance, dalliance and deception at the Hellfire Gala! You are cordially invited to join the mutant...
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    X-Men Red #1 (2022)

    X-Men – Red #1 (2022) WHO CAN SAVE THE RED PLANET? The mutants of Arakko spent millennia scarred by war—but on what was once called Mars, they’re learning to live in peace. STORM knows the red planet needs something greater than a queen. But ABIGAIL BRAND has other plans, along with an unstable...
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    Phoenix Song Echo #3 (2021)

    Phoenix Song – Echo #3 (2021) THE ANCESTRAL PHOENIX OF CAHOKIA! On the run from a time-hopping enemy, Echo and her ally River find themselves in the ancient city of Cahokia—in the path of a Phoenix lost to history! As Echo’s present and future disappear, will her powers wane? And will this...
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    Phoenix Song Echo #2 (2021)

    Phoenix Song – Echo #2 (2021) EVERYBODY WANTS THE PHOENIX! Echo finds herself besieged on all sides as the eyes of the human and mutant worlds zero in on the Phoenix! But the deadliest threat is buried in her past…and her future. A new ally with strange powers of his own claims to have the...
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    Marvels Snapshots (TPB) (2021)

    Marvels Snapshots (TPB) (2021) Celebrate the history of the House of Ideas! Curator Kurt Busiek and an awesome assemblage of talent present a series of tales featuring some of Marvel’s greatest heroes — as seen through the wide eyes of ordinary residents of the Marvel Universe! From the...
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