"WOW" is a series of annual compilation albums featuring contemporary Christian music dating from 1995. Comprising songs submitted by each partner label, the annual WOW Hits releases are usually double CD sets. The series was officially cancelled in 2019. Throughout its run, the WOW franchise evolved into one of the most successful collections of Christian music.

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  1. J

    Closed Postern tanong lang mga boss?

    talaga bang dina gumagana si postern sa ibang lugar? rizaleniio po! :) salamat sa aking katanungan :)
  2. J

    Closed Gud afternoon mga boss ,pano ba icombine si sscap at simple maker injector at proxifier

    salamat sa makakatulong ng sagot ,,,,,,\ \Godbless
  3. E

    Closed Wow

    wow grasshopper na ako
  4. J

    Closed Excited

    Wow! This is it! I've been waiting this for years and here I am. Feels like I'm a häçker again. Lol
  5. F


    Nice apps
  6. SIJO | Facebook

    SIJO | Facebook

    It's a Dance
  7. A

    Closed Nakakatawa ito!

    JUAN: Pards, paki translate naman itong sulat galing kay Samantha penpal ko sa US hindi ko maintindihan yung sulat, english kase. Paki translate lang. ITO OH......My dearest JUAN, PEDRO: Ikaw yun. JUAN: Oo ako yun... How I long for your arms. PEDRO: Pano daw humaba yung braso mo? JUAN: Hindi...
  8. H


    Hi THERE!
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