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Tropa Mo Ko Unli Spoof (formerly known as Tropa Mo Ko Unli and Tropa Mo Ko Nice di ba?) is a weekly gag show produced by the TV5 Entertainment Group and it is aired every Saturday at 7:00pm (PST) on TV5. Its format similar to Tropang Trumpo which has been aired from 1994 to 1999. The title is a merger between Tropang Trumpo and Lokomoko U, resulting in Ogie Alcasid's return/arrival to TV5.
Launched on September 14, 2013, replacing Lokomoko, Tropa Mo Ko Unli is one of the 8 newly launched weekend programs under the "Weekend Do It Better" block of the network.The show had its first revamp in June 2014 which resulted to the program's renaming as "Tropa MoKo Nice Diba?!" and the second one that led to the new season as "Tropa MoKo Unli Spoof" in January 2015. The show was ended on July 4, 2015 and it was replaced with LolaBasyang.com.

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    Closed Cheapest Globe Unlitxt To Allnetwork

    Ano pong pinaakamurang unli all net txt ng Globe range from 10-20 pesos? Yung naregister ko kasi pang txt lng pala sa globe st tnt kala ko allnet T_T help naman
  2. C

    Closed No need load unli text ph legit 2018

    So Guys Unli Text all network..... To need mulang ng globe switch MB Install and use ganun lang kadali https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=free.text.sms
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    Closed New promo unli call & text

    Congratulations! You have successfully created your own promo with keyword GOCOMBOEEA20 via Globe Prepaid GoSAKTO. Now enjoy Unlimited Text to All Networks,Unlimited Calls to Globe/TM/ABS-CBN/Cherry,20MB surfing valid for 1 day. To check your balance or end your subscription, dial *143#...
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    Closed Free text to all networks

    REQUIREMENTS: internet website: http://www.magtxt.com/wall download apk here: http://www.magtxt.com/magtxt.apk eto pa: http://www.afreesms.com/intl/philippines - mabilis to, kung gusto nyo may ads pero di naman pop up, ginawa ko na to https://goo.gl/Og06nv may ads ng konti di ko kasi maalis...
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    Closed TNT on selected Areas only

    talk and text: on selected area only... pampanga still working load k ng 15 pesos UA15 SEND TO 4445 Unlimited TEXT to all network SMART. TNT,GLOBE. TM SUN. for 2 days.... load k ng 10 pesos P10 send 3545 Unlimited TEXT to all network SMART. TNT,GLOBE. TM plus UNLIMITED call to SMART,TNT and...
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    Guys need help!!

    pano po ba mag unli text all network sa TM (not GLOBE)...ty po ^_^

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