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traditional art

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    My Art Gallery

    hi po bago lang po aku sa phc papa estab lang po wla kasi aku maisip na ma contribute so drawing ko na lang po icocontribute ko simula nung 2012 to 2019 meron pa po sana aku nung higschool pa aku kaso inanod ni yolanda nag try aku mag monochrome nung nalaman ko na may color theory at color...
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    Art student on a bench pen drawing

    Ballpoint pen and pencil portrait of a fine arts student. Drew this years ago.
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    Pencil sketch portrait

    Portrait of a friend after Da Vinci's style of sketching. Sepia effect added using Photoshop.
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    The impressionist

    Watercolor portrait of a friend as an impressionist painter. The face was enhanced with Photoshop.
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    The duchess watercolor portrait

    A watercolor painting of mine loosely based on Spanish painter Francisco de Goya's Duchess of Alba paintings. I made her younger. Slightly enhanced with Photoshop.
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    Nosferatu with spongebob

    Spongebob fanatics who have watched the episode will be familiar with this. Watercolor drawing.
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    Watercolor painting

    A watercolor portrait of a painter I did way back in 2010.
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    Take a bite oil pastel drawing

    Portrait of a girl holding an apple. Materials used: 8.5 x 11 inches bond paper, Sakura oil pastel, pencil, ballpoint pen, and cotton buds.
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    A girl and the marquis drawing

    Portrait of a friend. Pencil and ballpoint pen drawing. Sepia effect added using Photoshop.
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    Girl and monster serpent ballpoint pen drawing

    Maiden sacrificed to a many-headed giant serpent. Ballpoint pen drawing with sepia effect.
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    Mestiza china ballpoint pen drawing

    Ballpoint pen drawing of a chinita with her yaya, with classical and romanticist elements. Sepia effect added.
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    Battle scene drawing

    Ballpoint pen drawing, engraving style, I did years ago. Sepia effect added using Photoshop.
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    Ballpoint pen portrait of a girl with a book

    A ballpoint pen and pencil portrait of a friend I drew years ago. Sepia effect applied using GIMP 2.