Thanks for the Dance is the fifteenth and final studio album by Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen, released posthumously through Columbia Records and Legacy Recordings on November 22, 2019. It is the first release following Cohen's death in November 2016, and includes contributions from various musicians, such as Daniel Lanois, Beck, Jennifer Warnes, Damien Rice and Leslie Feist. The song "The Goal" was released with the announcement of the album, on September 20, 2019.Described as a "continuation" of Cohen's previous studio album, You Want It Darker (2016), the album's vocal tracks were recorded during the same sessions, with Cohen's son and album producer Adam Cohen noting that the album should not be considered an album of "discarded songs or B sides".

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    Closed Stable account

    After 24 hours papaltan ko na sya ng password kaya sulitin nyo na link..
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    Closed Pahingi mga master...

    Mga master... Pahingi ako RP Singapore server or Japan... Lahat kase ng nahuhunt ko poro dead... Kagabi pa ako nag huhunt ng Singapore at Japan RP wala talaga.. Pahingi nalang ng sa inyo.... #respect
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    Closed Hello mga kaphc!

    pahelp nmn bka mey same condition ang phone ko dto.. ano kayang prob ng cp ko?(sony z2) ung battery percentage kc nya pabago bago naun 98percent maya maya maging 70 gang sa mamamatay na xa at mhirap xang buksan.. magbiblink din xa.. pahelp nmn mga kaphc...
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    Closed How

    help nmn po.. pano po ba magkaron ng libreng internet sa computer?nagbabayad pa po kc kme ng monthly e.. sana po mey magturo...
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    Closed Need link ni balong

    Mga boss pa help naman po need KO lang download link ni balong need KO po kasi e debrand Yong 936 modem KO para magamit na ulit..please lang mga ka phc patulong naman po ako..
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    Closed Glue for touch screen replacement

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    Closed para dun po sa mga nag rerequest

    Dun po sa mga humihingi nang ehi for tnt bukas na lang po.. No capping no dc... Kung may dc man nasa area na niyo yan... May lakad pa kasi ako..
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    Pleas sana meron kayo nyan ..:-) :-) share nyu lang link... Thank you. #PHCORNER
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    Closed gusto ko lang mag thanks...

    Thanks.. sa group nato.. daming trick.. nakuha ko.. pang online game.. Keep it up po sa mga nagsshare ng trick =)

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