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Deep technology (deep tech) or hard tech is a classification of organization, or more typically startup company, with the expressed objective of providing technology solutions based on substantial scientific or engineering challenges. They present challenges requiring lengthy research and development, and large capital investment before successful commercialization. Their primary risk is technical risk, while market risk is often significantly lower due to the clear potential value of the solution to society. The underlying scientific or engineering problems being solved by deep tech and hard tech companies generate valuable intellectual property and are hard to reproduce.

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    Android App Latest MIUI Official ROMs for all Xiaomi devices

    Introducing the ultimate script that provides firmware packages for all Xiaomi devices It's an automated script, running on Linux server every six hours, extracting firmware from MIUI official ROMs, Global, Europe, India and China, and uploads it to hosting servers. Check your device below! We...
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    Hello, good morning to all especially to our beloved hardware technicians, I have a problem regarding on Cisco Switch, it won't open, I've tried to conduct some basic troubleshooting like replacing the power cable, and plugging it into a different socket. but still not working. so I'm here to...
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    Closed Open line

    Need help po note 3, pano po e open line thanks po
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    Closed Locked a8 '2015 model

    Mga boss gud day!! Ask ko lang po..yung samsung a8 2015 ko po na phone nabili po sya na locked sa middle east at africa.. napa unlock ko na po sya.. kapag po ba nireprogram or reformat..possible po ba na bumalik ulit sa pagiging lock nya?? Looking forward po sa reply... Thanks po
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    Closed Openline pocket wifi

    pa help naman i open line to. . thanks po
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    Closed Icloud account remove help

    Mga master patulong lng sa! Iphone 5 ko icloud account kung pano i remove Di kc maalala yung password. Na reset na yung iphone Baka meron po marunong kung pano po i remove yung icloud account ? Sana may mga mag suggest, pa help lang
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    Closed Need help mga paps!!

    Bat di pa po ako na iistablished associated na po fb acc ko bakit po di pa ako naka established??:):)
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    Closed Share naman po kayo ng working url/host payload ngayung aug..

    Share naman po kayo ng working url/host for generating payload
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    Closed Hi everyone . .

    Thanks nakasama na ako dito
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    Pc softwares, games and tech help pasok!

    Naghahanap kaba ng softwares or games? visit . sa march 10 kami magbubukas! Send your requests thru email na posted sa site. thank you!!
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    Closed techy guy

    just want to have a good signal on my pocket wifi...
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    Self introduction: hello everyone

    :)Hello to everyone! :happy:I'm MzTech from Iloilo. I have been reading forums from here whenever I am searching for solutions with technical issues. There are a lot of posts here that I find very helpful and very educational.(y)(y) Recently, I encountered an issue that is still...
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    im your friendly tech guy!

    hello peeps! any questions regarding windows xp or any version feel free to ask. Tech support, Remote , any questions regarding windows xp or any version feel free to ask. Tech support, Remote service