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Smart glass or switchable glass (also called a smart window or switchable window) is a glass or glazing whose light transmission properties dynamically alter to control the passage of solar irradiation into buildings. In general, the glass changes between transparent and translucent and vice versa, either letting light pass through or blocking some or all wavelengths of light.Smart glass technologies tend to use materials that are
photochromic, or
thermochromic.When installed in the envelope of buildings, smart glass helps to create climate adaptive building shells, providing benefits such as natural light adjustment, visual comfort, UV and infrared blocking, reduced energy use, thermal comfort, resistance to extreme weather conditions, and privacy. Some smart windows can self-adapt to heat or cool for energy conservation in buildings.
Smart windows can eliminate the need for blinds, shades or window treatments.Some effects can be obtained by laminating smart film or switchable film onto flat surfaces using glass, acrylic or polycarbonate laminates. Some types of smart films can be applied to existing glass windows using either a self-adhesive smart film or special glue.
Spray-on methods for applying clear coatings to block heat and conduct electricity are also under development.

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    Mga boss sa mga gustong ma unblock ang kanilang SMART. Ito ang trick na ppwde nila gawin o subukan. Sundan lang ang Instruction. Step 1 Go to Smart Menu Step 2 Go to INTERNATIONAL Step 3 Go to ROAMING STEP 4 Click ACTIVATE TEXT ROAMING Hintayin ang text confirmation na gaya nito...
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    Closed Help po

    Paano nag unblock sa smart po?
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    Closed Unblocking sim by:badbox

    ULTIMATE TRICK REVEALED UNBLOCK YOUR SIM (source BADBOX) Step 1 Bili lng ng LTE UPGRADED SIM sa suking tindahan or kahit saan na meron ito (10 pesos) Step 2 gamit ung old number na nablocked itype ang GET PIN send to 7927 (kunin ang code) Step 3 Isalpak ung Upgraded SIM at ilagay ung code...
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    Closed Paki try po unblock you smart sim

    UNBLOCK SMART SIM [NEW METHOD] First Register and Type BIG5 Send to 9999 Then Dial *888 (Talk to customer service rep) Do not Give your real name XD Give the Real Location and your Sim # for technical Support reference Within 24Hours, expect your block smart sim will be unblock and can use...
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    Closed Help po para di ako mablock ni smart

    Any tips po para di mablock ni smart? Salamat po
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    Closed Unblocking smart without load

    Hi, need help in unblocking my smart 4g. But I have no load on my broadband sim. Currently using free 350mb data. Thanks in advance!
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    Closed [july] smart/tnt unblocking tricks & tips

    GOOD DAY! First of all, gusto ko muna pasalamat sa orginal poster nito from Sym (dun kasi ako galing) si boss potpotkawaii, boss pag andito ka din, ing share ko na po dito :D para makatulong din sa mga andito. Kung repost na po ito, sorry po, reply nalang po kayo sa baba na repost na ito para...
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    Closed Unblocking Smart Data

    Guys share ko lang yung nangyayari sakin. Actually 5 times na nangyari sakin ito. Kapag kasi nadi-disconnect ang internet ng Pocket Wifi ko at wala ng data, tapos lumalabas yung insufficient funds sa dashboard ng pocketwifi ko ibig sabihin nun di ba block na yung sim? Yung ginagawa ko kasi...
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    Smart TNT Sun I will Unblocked your Smart Sim!

    November 13,2013 Mayroon ba kayong Blocked!!! na Smart Prepaid (Green) (Polka) etc. Sim. Post or Send me your Number! I Will Unblocked it. :cautious: Wala na kayong gagawin kundi Maghintay! NOTE: Pasahan nyo muna kahit 2.00 yung I-uunblocked natin na Sim. Tapos Hintayin nyu lang yung 4 Digit...