Hasan Gökhan Şaş (Turkish pronunciation: [hasan ʃaʃ], born 1 August 1976) is a Turkish football coach and former player, who played as a winger.
He is known for his time at Galatasaray and for his performance with the Turkey national team at the FIFA World Cup 2002, where he was voted into the All-Star Team. During both assignments, he played as a winger. He was suspended from football for six months in 1998 after doping testing returned a positive result for the banned substance.

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  1. C

    So sad

  2. B

    Help Anyone got this? SAS: Rogue Heroes

    Can someone post a link to where I can watch or download SAS: Rogue Heroes? It's an English TV series that shows how the original SAS got formed. It looks promising. Thanks for any help you can give!
  3. S

    Closed Globe 1 month

    Gdam mga boss, ano po ba ang magandang promo sa globe good for 1 month.?
  4. J

    Closed Sun ehi low ping

    Low ping For gaming No torrent Sun
  5. Y

    Closed Maintenance globe?

    maintenance ba globe ngayun? nag bug din gs50 ko , halos naka 25gb nako. sinulit na namin, dl lang kami ng dl ^^
  6. E

    Closed Help mga boss yung master sa ehi config

    mga idol..saan ba maganda gumawa ng ehi config.pra sa no load..yung mabilis mag connect.. pabulong din ng payload yung stable sana may mka tulong
  7. K

    Closed Try nyo po
  8. T

    Closed Wla ba tayung active admin dami nag post panloloko..sabi working pero di nmn ..naghahkot lng ng like

    grabe garapalan panloloko ,,sna ma aksyonan...kaliwa kanan panloloko mga nag post dto ..
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    Closed Pasikat post fb grabe kalat2 na kalat na

  10. L

    Closed Sas

    alam niyo ba ang simple android server isa itong proxifier para rin itong proxy droid isa itong paraaan para magkaroon ka ng VPN connection search niyo na lang sa google for more information it a try KO yan at maguupdate ako I want to share my freenet...
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    Closed Help sa pag pili ng specialization

    Mga kaibigan, pahelp naman po pumili ng specialization BS CS student po ako sa Mapua, di po ako naka attend ng seminar tungkol dito kaya sa inyo na lang ako magtatanong Alin po ba dito ang in demand mapapakinabangan ko pag graduate ko? Gusto ko po sana mag pursue ng programming career /...
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    Closed mac address for bm622m manila area

    pahingi po ng mac address mga boss ng bm622m manila area pa pm po sa mabubuting magbibigay advance salamat..

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