Okey (Turkish pronunciation: [ocej]) is a tile-based game, very popular in Turkey. It is almost always played by four players, although, in principle, it can be played by two or three players. It is very similar to the game Rummikub, as it is played with the same set of boards and tiles, but under a different set of rules.The game was derived from the original Rummikub after cultural contacts of Gastarbeiter in Germany. In Turkey and among Turkish communities abroad, it is very popular at cafés.

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  1. S

    Crypto Guys okey ba ang cellphone mining rig ,

    guys okey ba ang cellphone mining rig ,
  2. R

    Okey Lang Magalit Ka Sakin.

  3. R

    Okey Class

    🖼️ Ctto. Kaya laging C dapat ilagay nyo para madali palitan ng sagot hahah
  4. B

    Okey lang ba Hindi ako Maniwala sa Diyos?

    Okey lang ba Hindi ako Maniwala sa Diyos? Ano kaya mga pag babago sakin neto?
  5. C

    Okey salamat

  6. C

    Okey salamat

  7. H

    DITO SIM Di maka-received ng call,pag txt okey naman(Active din ang VoLTE)

    Baka po may nakaka-alam ng solution sa problem ko,thanks in advance...
  8. C

    Ate parang mabigat po yang dinadala niyo tulongan na po kita

    ate alam naming naghihirap ang economiya ngayon pasampal naman po nang 10k jan
  9. A

    Closed Help globe problem koe

    Pano po ma i stop ung go.sakto po ..
  10. L

    Closed 7 days canada ehi for bug ip

    Kayo na bahala dyan, delete ko nalang pag not working
  11. C

    Closed Itong bago psn tunnel configuration file,100% working!!!

    Download Link!!! http://www.datafilehost.com/d/c36def43 by:GSW
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    hi,im new here

    hi im,boboy thank you good evening to all the people in the earth

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