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In the context of mailing lists, discussion groups, discussion forums, bulletin boards, newsgroups, and
wikis a contribution is off-topic if it is not within the bounds of the current discussion, and on-topic if it is.
Even on very specialized forums and lists, off-topic posting is not necessarily frowned upon, but a common netiquette convention is to mark a new off-topic posting or email by beginning it with "OT" - for example in a forum discussing the Linux operating system someone might post: "OT: Wow, did you feel that earthquake?".
Posting off-topic messages to deliberately aggravate other members is a form of trolling.

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  1. M

    Help app or site na pwede pong pag editan ng layout para po sa basketball jersey?

    Random ask lang po, meron po ba kayong alam na app or site na pwede pong pag editan ng layout para po sa basketball jersey? Salamat po, pabura decline nalang if bawal😊
  2. D

    Off Topic: Say Something Random

    Testing inline . Testing normal Testing inline code Testing normal code Goal, 1234 thousand + page! ☕
  3. P

    Help Off topic online rpg

    Off topic ask lng po sana Anu po magandang online game na pang android yung open world at may pvp system.. Thanks sa sasagot
  4. K

    Closed Pls help

    ask lang guys sino na nakapagwork sa SM supermarket? pwde bang magaaply uli dun ng magkaibang position halimbawa bagger ka dati tas magaaply ka as diser ngayon pwd kaya yun?
  5. J

    Closed Nanghihingi ng konting tulong na mula sa puso :)

    Mga ka ph ako po ay nanghihingi ng tulong para pageant namin sa sti. Konting tulong lang po ang hihingin ko para sa inyo. Bali ganto lang po ang inyong gagawin. Click the link. Then cast your vote to kate gatdula's photo. Ako po ay...
  6. T

    Closed Off topic san po pde mag download ng movies ^___^

    OFF TOPIC San po pde mag download ng movies ^___^ gamit ang ating mga injectors
  7. Z

    Off topic: learning japanese nihonggo

    looking for fb group chat about learing how to speak nihonggo japanese language or lets create a group chat about this please comment down thanks konnichiwa hajimemashite watashi wa zildjian desu. yoroshiku onegai shimasu. domo arigatou guzaimasu
  8. E

    Closed Name suggestions

    good day mga topic lang po mga master, hingi sana ako ng name suggestion para sa online perfume business ng friend ko, wla po kc ibang m.isip na unique, catchy, or simple pero my dating na names...sana po mbigyan nyo kmi ng idea...thanks advance guys!
  9. P

    Closed Root for android (just asking)

    Guys, ask lang po. Ano po bang mga possible na mangyari pag ni root ang cp. Thank in advance sa sasagot :)
  10. B

    Closed New topics problem

    Everytime i click "New Topics" gif image ang lumalabas saken.
  11. E

    Closed Pa help mga moderator

    panuh maglagay ng profile picture dito? thanks po
  12. Z

    Closed Establish member

    Pa help po grasshoper na ung award q pro di pa q establish member... Anu pa po kulang q.. Salamat sa sagot...
  13. J

    Closed Pansin ko lang?

    pansin ko lang hindi nagbabago ang local ip ko pag nakagosurf kahit ilang cdc. Ang external ip ko lang nagbabago.
  14. D


    Just say present :)
  15. C

    Closed Pa ot...pasagot na lang sa may alam

    Paano/Anong gamit niyong htlm code para gumawa ng link via picuture? Or ano gamit dito para gumawa ng picture yong icliclick... o kagaya lang ba ang process sa paggawa ng docs sa fb? P.S. Mahirap iexplain kaya kindly answer kung naiintindihan mo ko..hahahah
  16. D

    Closed Lahat ng member pwede dito!!

    First thread ko po!! . Tingnan nyo yung babae , nakatalikod o nakaharap? . sige nga Idefend nyo ang answer nyo.
  17. J

    Closed Pasok

    Mahina na talaga si app.*****.com sa inyo mihina din? Wifi gamit ku hina parin up 200kb shit dati abut siya 2mb
  18. R

    Closed Bitcoin miners

    Recently a prominent repack group "SEYTER" has been found to use bitcoin miners inside their repacks especially with Just Cause 3 XL and ROTTR one's. Other groups like "Mr. DJ"m "SteamWorks" & even "Fitgirl" was found with one in recent past so be aware. As there has been a lot of talk...
  19. J

    Closed Pasok ka dito plzz

    Pansin ninyo humina si app.******.com ps ?
  20. P

    Closed Hindi makatulog ..

    Ano po magandang gawin ngayon maliban sa manuod ng movie? Hindi kasi ako makatulog xD ahahaha ..
  21. A

    Closed (pasok) kayo

    off topic muna manuod kayo ng the flu movie! napaka ganda maganda pa sa maganda ang storya at yung train to busan maganda padun! Comment kayo Kung maganda talaga yun. sa mga nakapanuod na
  22. D

    Closed Off topic

    guys kamusta na kayo ??
  23. D

    Closed Maraming thank you po.

    Mga master maraming thank you po sa inyo dahil ginawa nyu nakong grasshopper. Pasensya na kayo wala manlang ako maipost dito. Tnx po mga :)ka phc. :)
  24. I

    Closed Please notice, just gonna ask.

    Para saan ba ang ROBUST? Ang effect ba nito ay parang viagra o pang pa dami ng semilla? and ano ba effect ng viagra? Just curious lang po. Thank you sa mga expert na sasagot. :)
  25. S

    Closed Nakaka disappoint

    Kung sino pa ang gustong tumolong siya pa ang bina-bash lol hahays.
  26. E

    Closed boss @Shyanoda

    Thanks boss
  27. D

    Closed What I really like about PHCORNER

    We show and foster respect to one another! especially when it comes to posts. Sa ibang forum kase! nakakainis ung mga ng popost ng mga pilisopong sagot. especially ung mga megalomaniac.. (all knowing) mga self proclaimed masters. jusko po pineapple! so far, here.. never exoerienced those...
  28. A

    Closed THE BEST

    Any huhusay mga matatalino mga tao dito. Magaganda at gwapo pa
  29. D

    Closed Don’t Get Confused! ProNet, Netify, Syphon Sheild Are All Glorified Versions Of Psiphon APK!

    Smartly to start with we need to recognize and thank Dzebb Group for the improvement of the glorious and unique model of Psiphon apk VPN that you’ve got been the use of on your tunnelled surfing on android. No less than with the emergence of Psiphon, you’ve gotten been playing each low value or...
  30. V

    Closed Name+LastFoodYouEat

    Name+Last food You Eat Ex: Vincent Siopao
  31. R

    Closed No More Pirated Games in Two Years, *****ing Group Warns

    The founder of notorious Chinese *****ing forum 3DM is warning that given the current state of anti-piracy technology, in two years there might be no more pìrâ†é games to play. The claims come after attempts to breach the Denuvo security protecting Just Cause 3 pushed the group's *****ing expert...
  32. L

    Closed POST nyo dito Tularan si Pepe and Maria Jokes nyo.

    POST nyo dito Pepe and Maria Jokes nyo. Haha sang joke kayo natawa. Share nyo dito XD sakin Eto Eto si Pepe. Sineen siya ng crush niya. :) :) Minura ni Pepe ang crush nya. -|- - |- - |- - |-...
  33. R

    Closed Far Cry:Primal Officially Announced,Releases In March 2016 – Key Features + First Screenshots

    Ubisoft has officially announced Far Cry: Primal for PC. The game – which will be released on February 23rd on current-gen consoles and in March 2016 on PC – in which you will play as Takkar, a seasoned hunter and the last surviving member of your group. You have one goal: survival in a world...
  34. R

    Closed Mafia 3 (12 minutes of developer narrated gameplay)

    Source : IGN Trailer Mafia 3 - Will We See Joe Return With Improved Gameplay?! By Kenny McDonnell ⋅ Posted on January 20th, 2015 at 1:22am
  35. J

    Closed i am glad i discover this..marami akong natutunan

    Post more tricks about free really helps a lot..eapecially na students kagaya ko po.(y)
  36. J

    How do you start browsing on

    As the title said. :D How?
  37. K

    Ano yung nag-iisang "bagay" na makita mo lang masaya ka na?

    ako yung... :chin: picture niya :p eh ikaw?
  38. J

    Tanong lang

    Sa anong lugar ng forum pwede mag post ng PTC sites or saan ako maka post pra invite tao?
  39. M

    Anong new year's resolution mo?

    Haha sorry kung late na itong thread.. Ginawa ko ito para lang maalala natin yung mga resolution natin na minsan di maiiwasang nakakaligtaan.:D Ako na mag start,. ~new year's resolution ko di na ko magiging tamad..gagawin ko na mga assignment ko..kaso kapapasok ko palang wala na agad akong...