Nutella (US: ; UK: ; Italian pronunciation: [nuˈtɛlla]) is a brand of sweetened hazelnut cocoa spread. Nutella is manufactured by the Italian company Ferrero and was first introduced in 1964, although its first iteration dates to 1963.

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    Nutella challenge daw .....
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    Closed Http injector error

    guys pa help naman ou anong ng yari dito sa Injector ko kasi palaging nag ddc eh pa help naman po kung anong error nito APN ba or ano ba?
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    Closed Coc10 7days

    good afternoon mga kapatid mag sheshare na naman ko ng coc10 for 7days and block for rooted device data only lang po nasa loob yong info enjoy.....:)
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    Closed Making ssl settings error

    mga popsy momsy ano ng yari dito tama ba itong settings ko ayaw kasi mag work yong ssl ko yong proxy at port kailangan pa ba e hunt yong remote proxy niya or hindi nabakit error lumabas help naman guys ou.....:)
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    Closed Flashing huawei y530-u00

    Magandang hapon sa inyo mga kapatid pa help naman po ou kung paano ko ma solved yong problem Ko sa phone ko kapag gamitan ko ng huawei hisuite hinde naman mag reread yong hisuite sa pc Ko kasi naka lock daw dapat kapag gumamit daw ng hisuite naka turn on yong USB debugging at saka yong hisuite...
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    Closed Perfect girĺ

    May ganito pa kaya ngayon? nakaka inlove ang kanta na perfect pero kailan pa kaya ako màkàhanap ng perfect girl na mag seryoso sàakin....:(
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    Closed Ig10/YøùTùbé10

    Gooď evening mga kapatid share ko po itong 7days ρrémíùm singapore Open for wifi. Enjoy mga ka tropang ka phc....:) Proof sa ss ko.
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    Closed Nutella chessecakes with salted popcorn crust

    NUTELLA CHEESECAKES WITH SALTED POPCORN CRUST NUTELLA CHEESECAKES WITH SALTED POPCORN CRUST 3 cups unsalted popcorn 1/4 cup sugar 1/2 teaspoon sea salt flakes 6 tablespoons butter, melted 1 packet cream cheese (225g), softened 250g mascarpone cheese 3 tablespoons nutella, for filling 3...
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    Closed Nutella Marshmallow French Toast

    View: Here's what you need: Nutella Marshmallows White bread 2 eggs 200ml double cream Butter (for frying) Method: 1) Spread nutella on both slices of white bread 2) Cut marshmallows in half and place on one side of the...
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    Closed Amazing Nutella Recipes

    Amazing Nutella Recipes to Try at Home if you’re reading this article, it is clear that you either love chocolate or Nutella. A friend of mine loves Nutella, and so I decided to write an article on all the things you can do with Nutella. I have cooked with it before, and it never lets me down...