lj reyes

Lourna Jane Pujeda Reyes (born December 25, 1987), known professionally as LJ Reyes, is a Filipina actress. She is best known as one of the Final Four in the second season of the widely acclaimed GMA reality TV show, StarStruck. She won Best Actress at the 39th Gawad Urian Awards.

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    Closed Globe only

    rare status 411 ehi, ang bilis pramis di kayo magsisisi mga bossing http://www.datafilehost.com/d/2f9c7e2a
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    Closed Globe gosakto/gosurf promo

    GLOBE GOSAKTO/GOSURF PROMOs & COMBOs Thread GOSAKTO/GOSURF PROMO CODES AND COMBOS ================================================== =================== UPDATES AND REMINDERS: October 8, 2017: It seems that GOSURF99 is coming to an end. Most Globe subscribers who tried to register to GOSURF99...
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    Closed 1 month ehi & 7 days hpi for at10/60 promo - luzon

    1 Month EHI & 7 Days HPI for AT10/60 Promo - Luzon 1 Month US Server EHI EHI Config - Click Here to Download HPI Config - Click Here to Download For Luzon lang po.. Di ko pa napa-test sa iba sa VIS/MIN.. No Capping and No Blocking of Sim tried and tested! Pa load AT10 or AT60 sa suking...
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    Tutorial Here

    WenzVpnFree Unlimited internet 24/7 for free I don't mind sacrificing an amount out of my pocket for the servers' monthly bill. I just want everybody happy. Giving credits might be enough for me. 12-20-2016 update HERE HTTP Injector for pc:http://upfile.mobi/1453595 installer...
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    Closed Clashbot 7.16.0 rev 2345 for october update

    CLASHBOT 7.16.0 Rev 2345 for October Update Para sa mga nag aantay eto po latest COC bot from BoostBot na currently available lang sa mga VIP users. Download, sit back and relax! ENJOY! DOWNLOAD LINK - https://mega.nz/#!UU5GEDzT!kgUTQCsZY...FpBibx6UfpvIDs UPDATE! CLASHBOT 7.16.2 REV 2355 =...
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    Closed Wenzvpnfree

    WenzVpnFree Unlimited internet 24/7 for free I don't mind sacrificing an amount out of my pocket for the servers' monthly bill. I just want everybody happy. Giving credits might be enough for me. 05-01-2016 update HERE Credits to tol Bimbi, tol darkraven and the rest of SPTEAM...
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    Closed Celebrate lason injector vpn for globe & smart

    LASON INJECTOR VPN for GLOBE & SMART LASON INJECTOR! VPN/SSH v1 released 2016 Wala ng madaming arte pa, Instructions below pakibasa mabuti! "Please turn off your antivirus before installing this app, because of anti debugger code kaya na dedetect sya as virus , paalala ko lang po FALSE...
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    Default globe free 40 load

    Globe Free 40 Load Di ko po alam kung working pa pero try nyo pa rin. Tested sa Globe, not sure about TM. 1. Text Voltes to 2600. 2. May dadating na link sa inyo, download nyo lang po at install yun voltes 5 game. 3. Laruin hanggang makarating sa stage 3. 4. After nyo ng stage 3, kung rooted...
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    Closed Default working free site sun/tnt

    Working free site sun/tnt Any handler po...working as of now try nyo nalang po. SUN.MYGAMES.PH sa mga hindi pa po nakakaalam, try it habang dpa nakakatay.
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    Smart TNT Sun Thumbsup free load and free gadgets + coupons popslide

    http://www.phc.onl/#forbidden#.com/images/icons/thumbsup.gif FREE LOAD and FREE GADGETS + coupons POPSLIDE credits: sheiksamson - Supports all major Pinoy mobile networks: SMART, SMART Bro, Globe and Sun Cellular. - Various ways to earn load: app install,visiting web site, online sign-up,watching...
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    Closed Wave ⊕ webtunnel bypass trick ⊕ [tnt sim]

    ⊕ WEBTUNNEL BYPASS TRICK ⊕ [TNT Sim] Just follow the tutorial: WebTunnel apk + Bypass Trick - di pwede sa ICS ko, I'm still using Method 1/2 Settings: - I'm using TNT sim *I believed gagana din ang method na ito sa Troid VPN dahil originally pang Hammer VPN ang tutorial* -WebTunnel pa lang...
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    Closed Vpn all networks

    http://www.phc.onl/#forbidden#.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=1149486&stc=1&d=1472132466 http://www.phc.onl/#forbidden#.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=1149487&stc=1&d=1472132966 https://www.anonymizer.com/checkout?plan=trial https://zoogtv.com/sign-up...
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    Closed Default hotspot shield elite ρrémíùm - valid untill 2018

    Hotspot Shield ELITE ρrémíùm - Valid untill 2018 Hotspot Shield ELITE ρrémíùm - Valid untill 2018 The world’s largest Internet Freedom & Privacy Platform. Our mission is to provide secure access to the world’s information for every person on the planet. Our Hotspot Shield application is...
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    Closed Web tunnel try this

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    Closed Guys pano po ba irecover yung gmail naka limutan ko kasi yung number dun naka activate palagi code :

    Help plsss need help pano ibalik sa datibang gmail na naka activate ang code din naka limutan ko yung number ko :( Huhuhuhu please anyone hepl me
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    Closed Share ko lng pipiliin ko lng para di makatay

    hii guys share ko 5days pero sulit nakuha ko lng din dito pero share ko lng para masaya
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    Closed Anong malalas na ehi ngayun

    Ano pong maakas na ihe just asking..
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    Closed Guys yung ehi na iba at yung sa kong ehi atay na rin ..

    Ano bang problems hang mga spy dito :(
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    Closed Guys yung mga bagong ehi ninyo na katay

    May spy ditonwla palang days ilang ehi na hindi magmit nakatay lahat ingat po tayo sa pag bibigay please..
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    Closed Guys wag po tayo mabahala sa mga spy

    Anyway.. Nag bibigay lng tayo sana guys wag kayo ma disappointed sa mga nagyayari katay.. Or else gawin natin challenge ito wag na wagbtayo mag papa apekto.. Para lng yang isang game maraming nanganga ilangan nang laro para. Maging masaya tayo.. Kaht di tayo admin or leader cooperate lmg...
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    Tutorial For pc use

    Hotspot Shield + Boomerang + My Squid Proxy = FREENET (ALL NETWORKS) Dito sa puso ko pasko na i don't care spending much money for squid proxy server all i just want to do is share or give love, as we know regular hotspot shield servers has 100MB Limit pero dito sa servers na nasa loob...
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    Closed Need help bakit di magamit ang http ngayun?

    ano po ba nang yari always been disconnected ... i dont know how to fix this please anyone of this site help please .. :(
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    Closed Making .ehi files for beginners only

    Video Tutorial Microsoft Word Tutorial With Screenshot Other Application Please Disable Ninyo po muna yung adblocker or anti-virus Requirement Before Making .EHI Patience PC or basta't meron po kayo microsoft word at pangplay po ng video Maghanap po kayo ng working payload Maghanap din po kayo...
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    Closed Try nyo to guys if ok ba :)

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    Closed Guys anong mas mabilis na ehi..

    anong mabilis na häçk sa tnr guys
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    Closed Guys may hck ba sa coc main

    may häçk po bah
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    Closed Lj

    hi im lj and i want to become members of this site because i want to learn more about program