live action film

Live action (or live-action) is a form of cinematography or videography that uses photography instead of animation. Some works combine live-action with animation to create a live-action animated film. Live-action is used to define film, video games or similar visual media. According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, live action "[involves] real people or animals, not models, or images that are drawn, or produced by computer."

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    Closed tv5livestreaming

    tv5 live stream paki check ng attachment ko
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    Closed Attack on titan live action film to be 2 films + cast announced

    Attack on Titan Live Action Film to Be 2 Films + Cast Announced Yesterday, Shinji Higuchi the director of the upcoming live action Attack on Titan project has announced that there will be two live action films and will both release in Summer 2015. In addition to the announcement, the film’s...