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  1. K

    Closed Working payload for tm globe & smart tnt promo

    Mga paps share naman kayo jan oh yung no capp sana okaya kahit 1gb per day pero di bumabagal salamat sa tutulong.
  2. J

    Closed Fresh ehi

    update fresh ehi server france hataw sa YøùTùbé sa lahat for GTM+GS france.server1 http://dz4link.com/france1 france.server2 http://dz4link.com/france2 most of all ur feedback
  3. K

    Closed About excel

    Paano po alisin yung protected na file sa excel na may password??
  4. J

    Closed Pa help sa prx po..tnx

    Hi guys.. Newbie
  5. B

    Closed Help sscap capping !!

    Mga Ka PHC anong pwede kong gawin para matangal 5mb capping ni sscap??? oo nag rereconnect cya kaso may files akong dinadownload pag nag reconnect corrupted na di tulad sa idm. need help . Thanks guys..
  6. J


    welcome me dahil bagong salta ako sa site niyo hehe :D

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