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The Internet Oracle (historically known as The Usenet Oracle) is an effort at collective humor in a pseudo-Socratic question-and-answer format.
A user sends a question ("tellme") to the Oracle via e-mail, or the Internet Oracle website, and it is sent to another user (another "incarnation" of the Oracle) who may answer it. Meanwhile, the original questioner is also sent a question to answer. All exchanges are conducted through a central distribution system which makes all users anonymous. Unanswered questions are returned to the queue after a day or two. Users may also request ("askme") unanswered questions without posing their own.
A completed question-and-answer pair is called an "Oracularity".

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    Help How to get mac addresses connected to a WIFI without connecting to it

    May way ba na mai list ko yung connected devices mac addresses sa isang WIFI connection? example sa SSID na FreeWiFi, pwede ko ba ilist kung sino sino yung naka konek dun kasama mac address nila pero hindi ako connected sa wifi na yun. TIA
  2. B

    Help Is it possible to use (Ethernet Cable - Cat6E) UTP cable for over 115 meters?

    Good Afternoon, Question 2: What's the most cost effective (reliable) way to establish a 115m Ethernet link? What tools/hardware do I need to buy to establish this “115M” connection. Screenshot of Point A to Point B: Reason: ISP won’t be able to cater us...
  3. 2

    Closed Wala na sky at st

    Ano na ba mga master dito may bago naba tayong tricks? Wala na talaga to di na to babalik. Ang gamit ko ngayon ay switch plus sky lang di na ako makapagdownloac
  4. K

    Closed Pa help po

    Newbie lng po ako di pa po masyadong marunong. Pwede po ba magpaturo about http injector?
  5. W

    Closed Pldt

    tanong lang po legit po ba ito?
  6. J

    Closed Internet setting question

    Guyz paano to ung Nag speed test ako Then eto lumabas Ping 62 DOWNLOAD :1.08 Mbps UPLOAD : 10.0 Mbps Bakit di gumagana sa download ung 10 mbps pero based naman sa prx file na nakuha ko 10 mbps same download and upload help guyz paano pataasin ung download rate
  7. S

    Closed Question

    ano po pwdeng gamitin pang stable ng webtunnel? thanks sa sasagot.
  8. P

    Closed uc handler or even not

    Mga boss, ano po uc browser handler or kahit hindi handler ang mabilis sa search at download,? Na format kasi phone ko kaya nawala yung browser ko na mejo mabilis sa download, nkalimutan ko kasi version, salamat sa sasagot