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International Computers Limited (ICL) was a British computer hardware, computer software and computer services company that operated from 1968 until 2002. It was formed through a merger of International Computers and Tabulators (ICT), English Electric Computers (EEC) and Elliott Automation in 1968. The company's most successful product line was the ICL 2900 Series range of mainframe computers.
In later years, ICL diversified its product line but the bulk of its profits always came from its mainframe customers. New ventures included marketing a range of powerful IBM clones made by Fujitsu, various minicomputer and personal computer ranges and (more successfully) a range of retail point-of-sale equipment and back-office software. Although it had significant sales overseas, ICL's mainframe business was dominated by large contracts from the UK public sector, including Post Office Ltd, the Inland Revenue, the Department for Work and Pensions and the Ministry of Defence. It also had a strong market share with UK local authorities and (at that time) nationalized utilities including the water, electricity, and gas boards.
The company had an increasingly close relationship with Fujitsu from the early 1980s, culminating in Fujitsu becoming sole shareholder in 1998. ICL was rebranded as Fujitsu in April 2002. The ICL brand is still used by the former Russian joint-venture of the company, founded in 1991.

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    Help Bkit kya hinde nalabas ang idm download button sa ibang s†rêâmïng sites

    bkit kya hinde nalabas ang idm download button sa ibang s†rêâmïng sites, sa YøùTùbé nalabas naman at sa mga ilan pero sa iba hinde nalabas ,pki help naman po sa nakaka alam ng pwedeng gawin dto bka my idea kayo
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    Closed Idm video downloader panel won't show up

    Good Day!✌️ Patulong sana ako mga paps kung paano ayusin tong IDM. I've been using it for a while na, gamit ang SSCap, okay naman sya dati kasi lumalabas pa yong downloader panel nya sa YøùTùbé o other site at nakakapagdownload pa ako. Ngayon hindi na sya nag popop-up!Nag install na ako ng...
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    Closed Idm problem

    Hello po tanong ko lang po bakit kapag madalas po ako nagdadownload sa IDM ganito po lumilitaw tas hindi ko na po siya ma download. huhu Kapag po resume capability niya po ay "NO" hindi ko po siya nadadownload, anyone na may alam how to fix this? It would be brighten my day if you will help me...
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    Closed Idm icon

    Mga Boss , bakit wala ung icon ng idm sa YøùTùbé ?? Enabled naman ung Idm ko . pa help naman po :) TIA
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    Closed Guyz paano ayusin to

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    Closed madalas .MKV file lang sa chrome(IDM)

    good day PHC! ask ko lang po kung may solution sa ganito, madalas kasi .mkv file lang ee bihira pero sa mozilla ok naman sya..mp4 file ung lumalabas. Ang labo kasi ng mkv file ee :(
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    Help IDM problem need help

    ano po kayang problema ng IDM ko? kasi pag nagddownload ako ng .exe file, naii-stuck sa 99% tapos hindi na matutuloy.. help naman po sa mga marurunong diyan... thanks in advance
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    Help HELP. IDM 30 days trial expired.

    Mga ka PHC pa help naman kung cno nakakaalam kung pano ma uninstall completely ung IDM tas install ulit para makagamit ng trial or kung may tricks kayo ng pag full register. Pa help naman po nid ko tlga. ASAP. Please. Thnx :) SOLVED :) THANKS. !!