The letter Ƣ (minuscule: ƣ) has been used in the Latin orthographies of various, mostly Turkic languages, such as Azeri or the Jaꞑalif orthography for Tatar. It is also included in pinyin alphabets for Kazakh and Uyghur; and in the 1928 Soviet Kurdish Latin alphabet. It usually represents a voiced velar fricative [ɣ] but is sometimes used for a voiced uvular fricative [ʁ]. All orthographies that used the letter have been phased out and so it is not well-supported in fonts. It can still be seen in pre-1983 books published in the People’s Republic of China.

Historically, it is derived from a handwritten form of the small Latin letter q around 1900. The majuscule is then based on the minuscule. Its use for [ɣ] stems from the linguistic tradition of representing such sounds (and similar ones) by q in Turkic languages and in transcriptions of Arabic or Persian (compare kaf and qaf).In alphabetical order, it comes between G and H.

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  1. G

    Closed Stop sun blocking!!!!

    nakaka badtrip na.. pero tyaga lng may makakatuklas din
  2. C

    Closed No load idol promise pasok na po

    Mga idol uminom ng tubig lagi ha mainit ang panahon haha
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    ma eexpire po ba ang mga mb/gb na kinuha natin sa globe switch pag gumamit ng triangle app?
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    Closed Expiration of established

    mga sir/ma'am kung member ka na sa phcorner may paraan ba para malaman kung malapit na mag expire ang pagka established kung d ka na halos nag popost?
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    Closed Rooted.accidentaly uninstall appa

    Mga boss baka matulungan nyo aq.. Nagroot aq ng phone q then aksidente na uninstall q lahat ng apps ngaun on and off nalang cp q..anu kaya pwede q gawin..