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This is a list of notable applications (apps) that run on the Android platform which meet guidelines for free software and open-source software.

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  1. F

    Closed Config : sg super fast ! newly created ovpn 7days fast for android and ios! pasok!

    =This is for both Ios and Android Devices!= via Open Vpn Connect (Android) & Openvpn app (Ios) Instructions: 1. Download the app for the type of your device kapag android ka or ios. 2. I-pasok or input niyo lang yung ovpn file na ilalapag ko dito sa baba. 3. Para maka connect pls try Gswitch sa...
  2. R

    Closed Freshly made ehi for globe and tm 12/28 expiration

    pacheck po kung working newbie lang po ako expiration 12/27/2016 pacomment nlang po kung mabilis sa inyo working po sakin rizal area
  3. W

    Closed Pa help

    Pa try naman ng free internet jan sa globe at tsaka sa tm... Maraming salamat sa tutulong...
  4. I

    Closed Default apn

    Patry po ako nitong gawa ko na config for xp psiphon po. For globe and tm po siya using default apn. kung wala pa kayong xp psiphon file download nyo po dito Big thanks nga po pla sa developer ng xp psiphon Tapos dowload nyo po yung config file dito...
  5. J

    Closed Proxy server tnt visayas area antique Working visayas area. Antique
  6. R

    Closed Mga master daan muna kayo dito

    nakagawa nga ko sa injector .hina naman ng net .d maka YøùTùbé .. tulong sir yun makakaYøùTùbé po ako TY
  7. D

    Closed Unfixedbug vpn v3.0 (smart/tnt&sun

    Good Day ka phcorners!!! May eh share akong Free net na pulot ko sa KABILANG KALAWAKAN joke!! A lam nyu na ibig sabihin kung saan ko kinuha yan. at thanks sa Owner na nd ko kilala kayo na bhala jan if eh hit nyu yung Like oh HINDI basta para yan sa lahat kayo na bahala sa ibang provider :D
  8. D

    Closed Hrm pro. tm/globe

    Kaway kaway sa globe/tm users. USE MGC po. Install download ang app.. Then connect den pak ganern.. Aasahan ko ang feedback nio. Wag puro dl tapos goodbye.
  9. S

    Closed free internet

    How to get free internet in android
  10. I

    Closed Hi newbie here

    Hello po.
  11. 1

    Closed Http injector + updated server

    PURO 7days po expiration ng server. tapos update ko everyday para di siksikan. IMPORTANT: register to free wiki . ( FREE WIKI to 5555) for newbie dl http injector here. click continue to destination. then download. install and open http...
  12. V

    Closed RAJE NET

  13. M

    Closed pleas help for proxy server free net lranien......i need proxy server for free net (operator MCI.IR) pleas help for find new tricks proxy server MCI.IR Thanks to all user
  14. J

    Closed Tnt free internet (easy step 100% working)

    talk and text free internet: POINTERS: > Magbasa po muna tayo at intindihing maigi yun nakasulat, bago magtanong > credit sa nakadiskubre nito, alam mo na kung sino ka kaya salamat po > i download yung naka attach na files REQUIREMEnts: > talk and text sim( eto lang ang pwede wag na maghanap...
  15. J

    Closed Sino may free net jan? or VPN trick?

    Globe or smart lang po.
  16. C

    Closed FREE UNLI net

    Free net using smart jump in sim And Psiphone82HANDLERUI (y)Easy step 1st load 15 pesos Reg. To SUPER10 SEND 9999 2nd step: open psiphone82handlerui Procedure setting for psiphone82handlerui: Remove port: uncheck Proxy type: Real Host Custom header: X-ONLINE-HOST Proxy server:
  17. V

    Closed Feat vpn free internet tm/globe android phones

    FEAT VPN FREE INTERNET FOR ANDROID GLOBE USERS DEC.11,2014 ACCESS POINT SETTINGS: NAME: FeatVPN APN: PORT: none (leave it blank) SERVER: THE REST: leave it as is HOW TO USE: 1. Open/Install featVPN.apk 2. click SETUP at hintayin matapos...
  18. M

    Psiphonv66 in tnt sim?

    tanong lang..matagl2 na ma ba dc psiphon nyo gamit tnt sim? gamit ko psiphon v66 server Netherland ai sorry..visays nga pala..epic di ko alam pano yung pic pag.upload..x nka dsplay..
  19. B

    Psiphon philippines

    Psiphon Philippines Psiphon Philippines All about Psiphon tricks and threads. Visit our page hit like and share. Thanks
  20. L


    SINO MERUN FREE BROWSE sa SA ANDROID SHARE nmn po Please!!:android::android::android:

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