In computer programming, duplicate code is a sequence of source code that occurs more than once, either within a program or across different programs owned or maintained by the same entity. Duplicate code is generally considered undesirable for a number of reasons. A minimum requirement is usually applied to the quantity of code that must appear in a sequence for it to be considered duplicate rather than coincidentally similar. Sequences of duplicate code are sometimes known as code clones or just clones, the automated process of finding duplications in source code is called clone detection.
Two code sequences may be duplicates of each other without being character-for-character identical, for example by being character-for-character identical only when white space characters and comments are ignored, or by being token-for-token identical, or token-for-token identical with occasional variation. Even code sequences that are only functionally identical may be considered duplicate code.

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    Help Gcash duplicate

    Pwede at safe lang po ba gumawa ng duplicate account? di pa kasi makaverify ng own account atm thanks
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    Help Anong application ang mabilis magcheck ng duplicate files

    Anong application ang mabilis magcheck ng duplicate files? yung kaya makapagcheck kung parehas ba yung file content bukod sa file name Marami kasing files yung ichecheck kung may duplicate
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    What formula should I use to highlight duplicate in a separate sheet using conditional formating
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    Important Notice: Zero Tolerance for Duplicate, Alternate, or Dummy Accounts

    Effective immediately, the use of duplicate, dummy, or alternate accounts is strictly forbidden on PHCorner. Maintaining multiple accounts undermines the integrity of our community. If you currently possess any duplicate, dummy, or alternate accounts, we strongly urge you to request the...
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    CornHab Raffle #1 uwu

    Hidden content React and Support my post para may konting motibasyon.