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    Closed Vmix user?

    *Sino po dto pro sa "vMix Live Production software" .., patulog baguhan pa kasi ako sa vMix :) , vMix ginagamit namin para mag Live sa TV (sa Teleradyo kasi ako naga work now)
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    Learn How to Code: 22 Free Online Resources

    CodeAcademy CodeAcademy aims to make learning how to code fun, and they do this by making all of their courses game-based in nature. The site offers “tracks”, which are series of courses grouped around a particular topic or language. Course offerings include JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, Ruby...
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    Closed FEATURES SOFTWARE Five Free VPN Services You Should Check Out

    CyberGhost CyberGhost installs clean and the interface is very polished. There are no bandwidth limits but whenever you change a setting in the program you get a popup window that offers upgrading to their premiums plans. Speed is slightly higher than the other services we have listed here but...
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    Closed Microsoft Excel

    Microsoft Excel 2007 to 2013 Course HERE!!!
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    Closed How To Fix Laptop Overheating And Shutdown Problem By Cleaning Cooling Fan ?

    Your laptop should shuts down when it overheated, even if you’re doing some work on it or playing games. Heating cause the internal damage to your laptop’s hardware and by shutting down or turning off hardware direly can prevent your hardware to get damaged and that’s why your laptop turn’s off...
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    Closed How To Setup A Modem To Computer From A Telephone/ISP Line (Modem Configuration)

    Did you buy or hire a new broadband service and you want to configure your modem without paying any massive installation fees? Or you going to buy a new ADLS + Router Modem for your connecting and you wanna to save your money wasting on re-installation fee? Don’t worry about it In this tutorial...
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    Closed Ram Test = How to Test PC Ram Is Working Properly or Not ?

    Ram (Random Access Memory) is system memory where your computer read and write the process data at the same speed, it can helps your computer to perform better and fast in order to provide performance to the user. Sometimes due to power fluctuation, forcefully power termination of computer & age...
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    Closed How To Find And Download Our Computer, Laptop, Printer & Pc Hardware Drivers?

    If you are searching for your laptops, desktop’s, printer’s scanner’s, webcam’s and bla bla bla drivers whatever the computer accessories you having then I’m pretty sure going to help you out by this tutorial. I know pretty sure you are wondering about why we need to install our computer’s...
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    Closed TWRP Recovery v2.8.7.0 for Android One Sprout devices!

    The latest TWRP recovery v2.8.7.0 is now available for Android One devices, whose codename is Sprout. TWRP team introduced some really good features with the version, including recovery’s ability to detect a completely unmodified system, and allows you to mount the system as Read-only...
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    Closed How To häçk WiFi Password In Windows 7

    How To häçk WiFi Password In Windows 7 How To häçk WiFi Password In Windows 7 How To häçk WiFi Password In Windows 7 How To häçk WiFi Password In Windows 7 How To häçk WiFi Password In Windows 7 Step 1: How much Wire-less Net-work are Secured? In secured wire-less connection,data is...
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    Closed DomDomsoft Manga Downloader ***** Free Download

    DomDomsoft Manga Downloader ***** Free Download DomDomsoft Manga Downloader ***** Free Download DomDomSoft Manga Downloader DomDomsoft Manga Downloader ***** Free Download Dom Dom Soft Manga Downloader is an very easy to use software that make enables you to download your movies, songs, video...
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    Sa mga may alam po dyan pa share po mga Boss on how to Openline my samsung galaxy s4 para po magamitan ko xa ng smart pang globe lang kc eh.. eto nga pala yung korean made na s4 yung 32Gb..please po Patulong naman Dito...Tia
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    Closed 870 JAVA MOBILE GAMES

    870 JAVA MOBILE GAMES 870 Restfile: Download Part 1 Download Part 2 (Mirror 1) Filedino: Download Part 1 Download Part 2
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    Closed USB Safely Remove 4.7 Free License Key

    Crystal Rich, Ltd. released latest USB Safely Remove 4.7 and giving away the USB Safely Remove 4.7 Free License Key until Aug 12th 2011. Regular price of this software is $19.90 USD. But you can get it for free. USB Safely Remove is replacement program safely removal tool for USB device and on...
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    Closed Download CleanGenius Pro for Free

    February 24th is the anniversary of steve jobs Apple Inc. co-founder. To commemorate Steve Jobs, EASEUS giving away 1000 copies CleanGenius pro for free. Price for each copy of this software is $ 12.99. EASEUS CleanGenius Pro is all-in-one mac utilities. Software can clean MAC in second...
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    Closed Download CCleaner for MAC Final Version

    Finally CCleaner for Mac Finalversion available for download after waiting for long time in beta version. Earlier this software available for Windows OS only but Piriform Ltd has developed this software for mac and now everyone can download CCleaner for Mac final version. With the final...
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    Closed CCleaner v3.21 – Reliable Computer Cleaners

    CCleaner is cleaner software computer systems made by Piriform Ltd. The latest version was released on July 25, 2012. This Software have some features to take care of your Windows Computer to keep it clean, fast, and secure. Through this tool, you can analyze and eliminating unused files in...
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    Closed Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery – Recover Lost Files from iPhone 6 Plus/6/5S/5C/5/4S

    Lost iPhone Contacts, Photos, Text Messages, Call history, Notes, etc. by Accident? Have you ever found your iPhone files disappeared due to accidental deletion or other unknown reasons? And mis-operation on iOS or App update can also cause destructive iPhone data loss which includes contacts...
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    Closed SmadAV – Portable Antivirus and Free Repairing Tools

    SmadAV is one of the free antivirus from Indonesia. This software is more than just free antivirus software, because on it also equipped with free repairing tools to repair Windows system after infected by viruses. Computer viruses usually locked most important feature in Windows system such...
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    Closed Top 3 Internet Speed Test Sites

    Knowing what speed your internet is can be very important. Even though your internet service provider (ISP) will tell you what speed you’re paying for, that doesn’t mean that is the actual speed you’re getting. To know what your internet speed really is, though, you need run the test on a server...
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    Closed Top Three Free Hosting with Excellent Features

    A business website is already a must have item to every business entity and off course you don’t want to be left behind by your competitors and losing huge opportunities. It is time to start creating your business website. First of all, you need to have a domain name for the website and a...
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    Closed 3 Tricks To Make More Money From Your Website

    A website is one of your company’s greatest assets. It is the key to building a strong online presence, which can in turn lead to a huge increase in sales. Every business owner knows about the rewards of mastering the online environment, but there are still far too many businesses that fail to...
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    Closed is Yours Computer Ready to Run Windows 7? Check with Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor

    is your computer windows 7 ready? You can know by checked your PC use Windows 7 upgrade advisor. But if your PC running Windows, general ly it can run Windows 7. At this time Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor available in beta version and available in english only. With Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor you...
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    Closed How to Resolve Hardware Troubleshooting on the Computer

    Troubleshooting is the presence of abnormalities on our computer. Computer problems or troubleshooting is divided into 2 hardware troubleshooting and software troubleshooting. Troubleshooting hardware are usually marked with the computer can not be turned on, the monitor is dead and so on...
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    Closed How to Clean Your Laptop

    Most computer users prefer laptop because of its lightweight and versatility. Even those who already have a desktop PC don’t hesitate to buy a laptop as their PC’s mobile counterpart so that they can always access their documents wherever they are. Both computers have to be cleaned regularly as...
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    Closed How To Repair and Maintain Your Crashed Hard Disk and Recover Data

    How To Backup or Save Your Important Data When Your Hard Disk Crash and Shows Disk Boot Failure While Booting Or Badly Effected By Virus : Process 1: Download Hiren's Boot CD ISO file from any web site.. Its Free. Then burn the ISO file to a blank CD or DVD. And run the disk while booting(Make...
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    Closed How To Make Bootable Windows 7/8 USB Pen Drive

    Make Windows 7/8 Bootable USB Pen Drive Making bootable USB Pen Drive using Windows 7 USB /DVD Download Tool or command prompt is very easy. If you don't have CD/DVD drive on your computer and you need to boot any software or install Windows on your PC then now its very easy. And yes, boot from...
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    Closed Tips to Prevent Data Loss!

    How do you protect yourself from losing important data? Do you save your work as often as possible? Do you do backups? Here are a few effective tips on how to prevent data loss: Backup your work: Backing up your work is simple thing to do: you can use USB’s, CD’s, or external...
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    Closed Malwarebytes anti-malware ρrémíùm v2.1.6.1022 final full version

    Description: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware offers two types of analysis. The rapid and complete, for a thorough analysis. This application automatically updates the list of malware and can be programmed to analyze PC at a specified time. It also has a list of quarantined files and another for those...
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    Closed Paranormal Pursuit

    Every second counts in this breathtaking paranormal adventure! APK OBB Part 1 OBB Part 2
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    Closed 10 Easy Tips to Extend Your Android Phone’s Battery Life

    Unlike standard mobile phones, Android phones are load with a ton of functions and features like gaming, web browsing, media playing, GPS, video calls, etc that blow away any other cellphones on the market. However, many of the features available on Android devices can cause the battery to be...
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    Closed Two Ways to Take a Screenshot on Android Device

    In this article, I’ll show you how to take a screenshot on your Android device without rooting your device or install any third-party app. Screenshot is an image that captures from a device screen. This allows you to create an image of anything displayed on the screen, no matter which...
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    Closed How to Hide Apps or Games on Android Phone

    There might be certain apps or games installed on your Android phone that you do not want others to access it. If you want that no one can access some of the apps or games on your phone, but still want to be able to use it on your phone, then you can simply hide them from showing up in the app...
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    Closed How to boost Wi-Fi signal on your Android device

    Change your Wi-Fi frequency band to 5 GHz Most Android devices can run on the 5 GHz frequency band, as well as the old 2.4 GHz band. What does this mean? On the higher frequencies, like 5 GHz, there's much more free space on the spectrum. There are 23 channels of 20 MHz each on the 5 GHz...
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    Tutorial How to charge your Android phone battery faster

    We've all done it: you're halfway through the door and you realize that you've forgotten to charge your phone. Five percent power isn't going to get you through a whole day, but you don't have heaps of time to wait for your device to recharge. So what do you do? You can read our favorite tips on...
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    Closed Sagot -- LOGIC

    Mr and Mrs R went for a picnic... The couple has five sons and each son has seven daughters, who has 3 babies each... In total, how many people went for the picnic?
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    Closed YøùTùbé tricks - Try Them !

    - k = pause or play - j = rewind 10 seconds - l = fast-forward 10 seconds - m = mute - Number 0 = go to the beginning of the video - Numbers 1 to 9 = jump to 10% to 90% of the video While captions are on: - + = make caption font bigger - - = make caption font smaller Use “Cmnd + Shift + T” on a...
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    Closed Notepad to infinite

    Now you can open notepad for infinite times conitnually in any PC by just following these steps: >>Open notepad >>Type : echo off :top START %SystemRoot%\system32\notepad.exe GOTO top
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    We can use keyboard as mouse. If your mouse is not working then you can use this trick till you purchase a new mouse. Just follow these steps: For Windows 8, windows 7 and windows vista operating system: Start button > Control Panel> Ease of Access Center. Now Click Make the mouse easier to...
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    Generally people partition the hard disk at the time of formatting or installing operating system. But, now you can make a new partitionany time in your hard disk by using windows 7 disk management tool. With the help of this tool, you can manage partitions and volumes of your hard disk. If you...
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    Closed tanong lang po!

    pano po ba mag post ng software dito? bago lang kasi ako dito kaya di ko alam...
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    Closed 5 Coolest YøùTùbé Tricks that you must Know

    1.Set a Specific Start Time: Many times you wish to share some video on YøùTùbé with your friends but you want them to focus on some specific part of video and then you inform them the exact time duration from where they shouldstart watching it. But it is possible to share video with customized...
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    Closed Play YøùTùbé Videos Faster Without Buffering

    YøùTùbé is an excellent video portal having so many videos in its directory. The speciality about YøùTùbé is that its entirely free for all users. Apart, it also provides marketing and lets us earn through it. But in order to use YøùTùbé we need a faster internet connection. If not, the videos...
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    Closed How To Convert 1 GB Or 2 GB Memory/SD Into 4GB

    1- 1- First Of All Take A Backup Of Your Memory Card... 2- Now Download This Toolkit In Your Pc..By This Link 3- Extract 'increase internal space of memory Card Toolkit' which you have downloaded. 4- Now Put Your Memory In Computer.. • But First Take Backup... 5- After Backup Of Your...
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    Closed How To Convert Your Sd Card Into Android Ram?

    Now You Can Increase Your Ram. Follow These Below Steps - 1. First Download This App Click Here 2. Now Install it on Your Phone. 3. Then you need to create a swap file to click on Swap activation and Enable it to Click on Activate swap. 4. Now You Done Lastly Success Now Your android Moved in...
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    Closed How To Add Recycle Bin On Your Android

    Here Is The Trick To Make A Free Recycle Bin On Your Android Device, This Can Possible With An Android App Called Dumpster.. Features - ● No root needed, ● Internet connection not required, ● Restore or backup files with a single tap , ● Schedule auto clean of data , ● Recover uninstalled...
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    Closed How To häçk Wifi Password With Android

    Hello Guys , I Search Allover Wi-fi häçking Tool, Now I Find A Wifi häçking Trick For Android Users. You Can häçk Wpa Wps Wifi Network With This Trick, Don' t Use This Trick On Other Networks, Otherwise You Will Lost Your Hope.. Follow These Simple Steps - 1- First Of All You Need To Download...
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    Closed How To Destroy / Crash Someone Facebook Id?

    How To Diseble/crash/destory Someone fb ThIS is VerY simple And 101% Working Trick http://34255353309 Just Ask Your Vicitm or Friend To Copy This Link And Comment It to his profile picture If victim do this his id was temporary locked And Asking Photo Verification It's 100% Working Method...
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    Closed Create website within 2minutes from facebook

    See step by step how it takes place 1.Login to your facebook 2.Go to this link 3.You will see something like this 4.Click on start 5.Select "Go to app" 6.Then,you will see list of all your pages in the app.Select "allow" 7.After that you...
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    Closed How to Use Facebook without internet on pc phone 2015

    Hello Friends, Today we are sharing with you a special trick for free service that is called How to use Facebook without internet on PC phone, Now this time ninety percentage people using social sites, There are many social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and many more, Facebook is the...